Although we are in the process of inventory reduction and closing HDS Medallion at yearend 2022, you may wish to understand how we came about  over a decade ago and the evolution of our bags.

It all began with our mother, Hazel Della Snodgrass (HDS), pictured below on her 100th birthday.  Feisty and independent, she was always well put together and extremely active until she fell and broke her hip at 99½, and everything changed.

After she moved into an assisted living facility, one of her biggest frustrations was the ugly, medicinal looking, metal walker and her inability to carry her things in a stylish purse when using it. Unable to find a walker bag that Hazel liked, we, her daughters, Carol and Sharon, took matters into our own hands. 

Sharon made Mom the first of several walker bags with the style and flair worthy of her personality and taste. Her bags became the rage at the assisted living facility and soon all of Hazel's friends with walkers, scooters and power chairs were sporting Sharon's handiwork.  See Sharon and Mom below with her last HDS Medallion Bag at 101.

Carol realized the bags were truly special when the ladies shared how the bags made them feel stylish and beautiful once again and how much they loved all of the compliments they received. HDS Medallion® (with the initials of our beloved mother's name) was born and these smashing bags have been lifting the spirits of women who use them on their devices ever since. 

 HDS Medallion Inspiration - Hazel Della Snodgrass at 100 years


Carol and her husband, Bill, built the company and opened the e-commerce store on April 15, 2011 with our Classic Collection, primarily for walkers. 

Although Mom died at 102 in 2010, we believe she would be very pleased with our name and the products she inspired and her daughters' roles.

We've learned a lot about the diversity of mobility devices disabled women and girls use and have designed bags to work on the vast majority of them.  In 2012-13, we introduced our new Premier Bags for women who use multiple devices, or are in wheelchairs, power chairs, etc.  They too gain a psychological lift of being stylish while receiving great functionality.  Our innovative fastening system in these bags is extremely flexible and adaptive to multiple devices.  We knew it works when our competition begins using the same design, but ours is based on strong metal components, while theirs are plastic. Some of our newer bags also sport zippers for those who are looking for security. 

The mechanics of this flexible, innovative bag have been carried forward to other collections. Our  Demi-Premier bags, introduced in late 2013, are just perfect for small chairs, young girls or for those women who like to carry a smaller bag. In 2018, we even rolled out 2 Demi - Minis, an even smaller bag geared toward dressing up.  Our Metro Bags are larger and more secure in the big cities with zippered closures.  We introduced our first waterproof bags in 2014.

For a variety of reasons (our ages, covid, etc.), we decided in 2020 to begin closing the business.  We do have a large inventory of bags still, so we will work on reducing the inventory through discount offers, but have canceled all tradeshows.