When women have to use walkers and other mobility devices such as power chairs, wheelchairs and medical scooters, it is important to remember that they are often adapting to a different life entirely especially if they were walking by themselves earlier. This transition isn’t always smooth as some will resent the fact that they are losing or have lost the ability to move about as freely as they once did and mastering any device is a learning process. 

One part of that adjustment is facing the fact that any mobility device such as a walker, inhibits the use of a staple accessory to most women, a handbag. Regular bags are just not made to fit or work on devices.  Although men rarely carried a bag when they did not use a walker, both men and women face the dilemma of "how do I carry my stuff" and still use my walker effectively and safely. At HDS Medallion® we tackled this problem head on when we invented our designer carryall bags to be used with walkers and other medical mobility devices because they are designed specifically to work on them.

3 HDS Medallion Bags on 3 Mobility Devices - Rollator - Scooter - Transport Wheelchair

It’s easy for an outsider to look at walkers, medical scooters and other mobility devices such as these as remarkable advancements in technology that give people, who are struggling to walk, the ability to move around. That is true. However, to the people using the devices temporarily or permanently, it is often hard enough to accept needing assistance much less having to accept a device that is anything but stylish or tasteful. Clinical, utilitarian, medicinal and unattractive are descriptions we hear from our customers all the time. Although, we are starting to see some color choices in walkers and wheelchairs such as those above, no one claims that common devices have much style. Often just the opposite! 

Initially only a handful of companies (e.g. Colours, Motiva) made attractive devices using colors. In the last 3 years, we have seen far more colors beyond the basics especially in children's devices.  Unfortunately, many of these "nicer" chairs or walkers are usually very expensive and not everyone can even use them if they could afford them. Many of these attractive chairs are manual and most seniors do not have the arm strength and conditioning to operate them.  

While walkers, power chairs and manual, electric, and transport wheelchairs give women the opportunity to be active, it also puts them in a position of being seen as disabled, a stereotype that is anything but stylish. We have found that seniors do not accept that label if they are new to a walker or chair.  Like our Mom, the inspiration for our walker bags, they resent losing the use of a regular handbag.Beautiful Senior Displays Snazzy HDS Medallion Walker Bag

With ourHDS Medallion Customer Uses Charlotte Rose Classic Bag On Knee Walker unique HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll bags, women get a practical bag that can carry all their personal belongings effectively on any device.  Just as important, they also give women, young or older, a chance to regain, sustain and even showcase their strong individual style and sense of fashion.

Trying to use a regular handbag or purse with a mobility device can be dangerous. It’s very easy to upset a woman’s balance if she tries to open a handbag that is haphazardly slung over the bars of a walker or if she attempts to carry it on her shoulder while moving the walker forward. Equally dangerous is trying to carry mail, personal items, etc. in her arms while using the walker. Tying a "typical" purse to the walker bar or the arms of a power chair can be risky as well especially if it falls off or if it touches the wheels. Women who let go of their walkers to open their purses or pick them up can easily lose their balance and fall.

With the carefully designed and tested HDS Medallion® CarryAll bags, especially those in our Classic Collection, we make it easy for women to not only use their walkers as needed to move, but to also access the contents of their bags with just one hand leaving the other on the device. So not only do women find these bags to be lovely, they also describe them as handy and practical and make them feel safer and more stable… an elegant solution to several mobility device side effects.

Men often find our Universal Collection bags as the ansHDS Medallion produces new Universal Collection for woman and men!wer to their lament of "What about me?  I have stuff to carry too".  These bags are durable, practical and innovative.  Plus various bands are available to change the look of these bags when the person wants to make another fashion statement.

We design accessories for walkers that factor in and balance fashion and function. So people who use walkers, thin armed power chairs, mobility scooters and transport wheelchairs can feel confident and proud when shopping, enjoying a park, or visiting with friends and family with a HDS Medallion® Designer Classic CarryAll Bag. Being able to add a vibrant, fun or sophisticated fashion accessory to an otherwise dull piece of medical equipment, reinvigorates a woman’s strong sense of style and diminishes the negative impact of the device. In addition, it often lifts her spirits while it plays a practical role in keeping all of her important items in one convenient, accessible place.

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