As wheelchairs become more flexible and adaptable, the need for accessorizing chairs increases. Men and women with disabilities are no longer settling for dull wheelchairs that look like all the others. They want different colors and finishes, spinning wheel rims, and even blinking lights along with cup holders and plenty of other accessories that make each wheelchair custom and unique.  HDS Medallion is leading the way for one particular accessory - the wheelchair bag. We produce fabulously functional bags for women and girls.

For any woman or girl, the chance to use wheelchair accessories gives her a chance to express her unique fashion sense and personality by displaying our colorful and stylish HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall wheelchair bags. We know very well how important a handbag is to a woman and just because she is in a wheelchair there is no reason for her to sacrifice her fashion sense. That's why we created the unique, practical and fashionable wheelchair carryall bags.

See Various HDS Medallion Bags On A Range of Wheelchairs

We have an unique, innovative fastening system that allows the chair user to configure the bag to fit their device.  This system is based on 6 D-rings and 2 adjustable, detachable straps.  The straps end in snap hooks which click into the appropriate D-rings in various arrangements to work on her mobility device.  Each strap can adjust to varying lengths as necessary.  Of critical importance is that our hardware is made particularly for our bags to support hanging all day on a device and is quality brass or nickel.  We coat some of our brass hardware with a matt black finish to complement certain bags.....but all of our D-rings, slides and snap hooks are metal, not plastic like some of our competitors.

We help you figure out if a bag will work on your particular chair, by providing a step by step assessment on our "will our bags work on your device" pages.  Also, on our detail product pages, we indicate the “handle drop” which is equal to half the length of the bag’s straps at their shortest and longest. This helps you compare the drop to the distance between an armrest and a wheel or back handles or a bar to the floor. Three different sized bags have this innovative system……Premier (15” x 12”), Demi Premier (13” x 10”) and our Metro (17” x 12”).  Check out these collections for the extensive selection of bags that work on wheelchairs, both manual and electric.

Today, women who use wheelchairs are active, assertive and able to do what women even ten years ago could not. From entering dance contests to participating in tennis and other sports, wheelchairs are becoming highly adaptable and this is giving women with disabilities the confidence to show their true selves. And what better way to accessorize a wheelchair than with a distinctive carryall bag that matches her unique personality. 

From the colorful Espesso Flower Shower to the sophisticated Black Damask, we have an extensive selection of wheelchair bags in several sizes to suit any female, from teens to seniors. Our bags are cleverly designed to fit wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, walkers and a number of other mobility devices so you can sport your style no matter where you go and no matter what you use to get there. 

A new customer for our CarryAll Bags are numerous men who use chairs or walkers.  Like women they have "stuff" to carry and want something that looks nice.  

Visit our product catalog, the Premier, Demi Premier and Metro Collections to view the fantastic selection of designer carryall bags that provide practical and fashionable accessories for your wheelchair.