Is Your HDS Medallion® Bag Authentic?

Seems like today’s world of bags, pocketbooks and purses is one of constant knock-offs. As a customer, you've a right to know if you have an authentic HDS Medallion® Bag, a high value product for your money. So, to be sure, check the following features:

  • An oval medallion should be sewn on the right hand strap in the front of Classic Bags. You will find it in the upper right hand area of our Premier, Demi-Premier, and Metro Bags. It will be either gold or silver depending on the bag’s color scheme. Check out the etched logo and our name on the front.
  • A significant test is to flip the medallion up. You should be able to see, our website url, etched on the back.
  • A label is sewn on the right inside pocket that shows our logo and our website url.
  • A colored hangtag (6” x 2”) should be attached to your bag when purchased. It could feature one of several colors like teal, red, purple, blue, orange, fuchsia and yellow/gold at its border with a black center. In 2015, we introduced two new hangtags – a gold and black one and a patriotic one in red, white & blue which also provides care instructions.
Clues to HDS Medallion Bags Authenticity - medallion, hangtags, interior label

While these are concrete ways to tell if the bag you are seeing is authentic or not, we believe there are more subtle and important ones like the quality of the materials, the beautiful colors and patterns, the presence of embellishments and quality workmanship.

In the meantime, enjoy your authentic HDS Medallion® Bag or go shopping for your own authentic bag!