Caring for your bag should be relatively effortless if you follow these guidelines for day to day use and cleaning.

Day to Day Guidelines

  • Hang bag properly.  See Use page for tips on how to effectively place your bag on your mobility device.
  • Do not overstuff the bag.  If too much weight is placed in the classic bag (over 5 lbs), a walker could tilt forward.  If hanging on an armrest of a scooter or power chair, the bag could protrude too far beyond the chair and catch on door jambs, lifts, etc. ripping the bag. Do not place the bag where it can interact with wheels especially on power chairs.  The bottom of the bag should be above the fender and the wheel itself.
  • Do not let the bag drag on or near the ground if placed on a back bar of a wheelchair or underneath the seat.  It will become badly soiled and could sustain damage.
  • For security purposes, we suggest anchoring at least one of the straps around a chair's tube or bar nearest one of the attachment points.  If it is a power chair, the bar which holds the armrest or bar below the armrest works well.  Just extend one strap longer and wrap it around the bar.  If it is on the handles or bar in back of a wheelchair, one of the side bars to the back can be used similarly.

For more tips and lessons learned, go to how-to-use-your-hds-medallion-bag in Section III.

Cleaning Guidelines

 All of the fabrics in our bags are washable. However,
    • The hardware, medallions and trim may require special handling.
    • Detachable straps should only be washed by hand.

Best Method - spot clean bag with a water based solution paying close attention to embellishments. Rinse and let air dry.  If that doesn't work or the whole bag needs cleaning, we recommend the following in order of increasing risk of damaging the bag inadvertently.

  • Handwash the bag gently in mild detergent (e.g. Woolite).  Avoid trim and hardware if possible. Rinse and air dry. 
  • Machine washing cannot be guaranteed.  But if you have to, machine wash the bag on gentle, cold temperature after

          - removing straps
          - turning bag inside out and pinning it shut with a large safety pin and/or
          - placing bag securely in a lingerie bag or a pillow case

  • We recommend air drying for most bags.  If you must dry in a machine, keep it inside out and dry on lowest temperature. Keeping it in the lingerie bag or pillow case may be wise.
  • Ironing is an option.  If the bag is wrinkled, you can iron the fabric, but avoid the trim areas or embellishments especially those with rhinestones.  Grosgrain ribbon can be ironed.

  • Care instructions for a particular bag are available on the back of our new hangtags.

Many of our customers drop by to see us at various expos so we get to see bags they still carry.  From our original test groups to now, we are pleased at how the bags last given proper care.  We're seeing bags from 2 to 4 years old still being used.  Often customers buy another bag for fancier occasions or more day-to-day use, etc.