When someone has to adjust to life in a wheelchair or power chair due to age, injury or a debilitating condition or disease, it can be a difficult transition. Being restricted in any form can be a hindrance for most people, but when you rely on medical mobility devices, it can be even more trying since many buildings are not equipped to be fully wheelchair accessible in spite of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This problem also occurs with many modes of transportation including airlines, trains and taxis that are not properly equipped to handle transporting a person using a wheelchair, walker or power chair. 

While there are situations that will be out of your control when using your wheelchair or other mobility aids, you do have the ability to make the experience a little better by using handy and stylish HDS Medallion Designer Carryall bags that are designed to keep all your personal belongings close by.

At HDS Medallion® we originally got involved in manufacturing designer carryall bags for women, primarily seniors, who wanted a stylish bag they could use when moving about - primarily on walkers. To their dismay, they found that the purses they normally carried do not work on mobility devices.  Many started looking for stylish bags that would work on their devices, carry their personal items and also make a statement about their taste and personality.  In other words, they wanted a mobility device purse. 

We saw a great opportunity to deliver just such a bag, now classified as our Classic Collection. Over time we saw how beneficial these bags were/are for senior women and we soon started designs for bags that could be used by women who use all kinds of mobility devices such as wheelchairs, power chairs and medical mobility scooters. The result?  Our Premier, Demi-Premier, and Metro CarryAll Bags that all can work on multiple devices, especially wheelchairs and power chairs.

We've found that by using wheelchair bags and walker carryall bags, people not only feel a certain sense of independence, but also discover they are more active and more likely to venture outside. Today people have many personal belongings they can't imagine living without: smart phones, medications, wallets, keys, spare reading glasses, important medical information, personal hygiene products, lipstick, makeup and other belongings. And they want them close by and accessible.

Not only do our wheelchair bags provide the benefit of a stylish carryall bag that can help people stay organized, each bag features a unique, innovative design that is exclusive to HDS Medallion and can't be found anywhere else. These bags have detachable, adjustable straps that can be configured in a variety of ways using two or four of the six D-rings sewn in the bags. Being adjustable allows them to be adapted to various devices' sizes.  The bags are designed specifically to work effectively on most mobility devices and are also able to be configured and carried as a regular purse, a shoulder bag, or a cross body bag. 


Detachable Adjustable Straps Hook to HDS Medallion BagAdjustable Straps of An HDS Medallion Bag

In addition to this practical functionality, these classy bags come in a wide range of styles, sizes, patterns, and colors that can give the user a sense of personal style that can do wonders for self-esteem. Whether it is the cheerful Premier Daisy bag or the flair in our Premier Zebra bag or the sophisticated Premier Silver & Onyx Damask bag, we have something for almost everyone and every device.  It's fashion and function married in a practical, stylish bag.

Being relegated to using a walker or any other mobility device certainly has its drawbacks, and feeling out of the fashion game is one issue many women face. With an HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall Bag you can regain, sustain or claim your own personal sense of style and accessorize your wheelchair, power chair, walker or medical scooter with a stylish carryall bag that expresses your taste in the world of fashion.