Today the power chair has become ubiquitous with women who have difficulty walking. Nearly 200,000 chairs have been sold each year in the past five years. Whether it’s because of a recent surgery, an accident, rehabilitation or just the effects of aging or a condition or disease, power chairs allow women the opportunity to stay mobile. However, power chairs are not designed to be stylish or fashionable and for many women using these medical mobility devices means sacrificing style.

These chairs are most likely to be black and bulky although we are beginning to see some colors forthcoming.  But even then they are still metal and mechanical.  We thought one of our visitors “I’m too sexy for my wheelchair” slogan summed up many women’s views of their chairs. Too Sexy For My Wheelchair - HDS Medallion Bags
Fashionable Senior with HDS Medallion Power Chair Bag
At HDS Medallion® we adopted the viewpoint of an independent woman who finds herself needing to use a power chair and asked what she would want and need to make the adjustment easier. The answer -  a HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall bag.  As this stylish woman put it, “If you can’t stand up, you might as well stand out!” And she does with her Premier Silver and Onyx Damask Bag.  

It’s not hard to obtain a bag to add to a power chair. Most power chair or wheelchair companies make them. But most of the bags available look like hospital issued bags that resemble black mini-backpacks or ugly canvas totes; certainly not an attractive, feminine accessory. Women who use power chairs, wheelchairs and walkers don’t need another reminder that they are disabled and certainly don’t want their personal belongings in open view.

With this in mind we set out to design functional and fashionable power chair carryall bags that not only give women a convenient bag for all their belongings but also allows them to maintain a sense of individual style regardless of the size, style and color of their power chairs.

With our designer power chair bags, a woman who uses a mobility device can do so without having to sacrifice her desire for a stylish handbag. The purse is arguably the most important fashion accessory for many women and, unfortunately walkers, medical scooters and power chairs don’t offer the ability to use a traditional purse while operating the device.

With the convenient design of the HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall Bags that problem is solved. Women can have all their personal belongings within easy reach. Plus the bags are very attractive with lots of colors, patterns, styles and 3 sizes available.  

For thin armed power chairs, a bag from our Classic Collection is often the best option.  If the armrest is thicker or the person uses multiple devices (e.g. walker and power chair), then the Premier Collection Bags provide the answer.  Our Demi-Premier and Metro bags are smaller and larger respectively for those who want or need different sizes. 

Regardless of which type of bag is used, our power chair bags feature attractive quality fabrics and trims, a wide range of patterns and colors and feminine and functional designs. Each bag is made right here in the U.S.A. Whether your style is city chic, bling, whimsical, subtle or traditional floral, you’ll find an HDS Medallion®  power chair carryall bag that matches your unique style.

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