A woman using an HDS Medallion disability aid.When women become or are unable to walk by themselves, either from disease or injury, it is common for them to use walkers or other medical mobility devices. Disability aids come in many forms including walkers, transport wheelchairs, power chairs and mobility scooters, but all have the same drawbacks: none are particularly stylish and few can accommodate a purse. They’re great for assisting women who are struggling to walk and walkers, scooters and power chairs have many benefits. But because of their utilitarian and clinical design, women who use these medical devices often feel they are sacrificing their individuality and personal style.

With this in mind, we designed the HDS Medallion
® Designer Carryall Bags to give women a functional and fashionable bag to use with walkers, power chairs and mobility scooters. As most women discover when first using a walker, scooter or power chair, there is no convenient or safe way to carry a traditional handbag or purse. For women this is a big problem.

At HDS Medallion we saw a tremendous opportunity to create a carryall bag that is fashionable, practical and can easily fit on walkers, mobility scooters, power chairs and transport wheelchairs, and more importantly, go anywhere in style. 

In our collections you’ll find terrific carryall bags in unique colors and designs that speak to the fashion sense in every woman. From vibrant floral prints to upscale silver and onyx damask fabrics, we feature a variety of high quality walker bags that include attractive fabrics and trims, feminine designs and practical attributes. Check out the features of these bags. Perfect for attaching to a medical walker or mobility device, our distinctive carryall bags allow women to venture out with the confidence that comes with smart and savvy fashions. They can also be proud to know that their bags are made in the U.S.A. 

Our designer carryall bags make great gifts for any woman who uses a mobility device, but they are especially meaningful for seniors who use walkers, scooters and power chairs. When women transfer from their homes to independent or perhaps assisted living centers or nursing homes, they are in a process of continuous downsizing. They have no need for many traditional gifts and non-essential items. Our Mom used to say, "no more nightgowns; no more perfume or lotion; and no collectibles."  

So what gift makes sense that she will truly use and enjoy? An HDS Medallion Distinctive Carryall Bag makes for a very practical gift since it is one item she is sure to keep on using unlike so many other presents she traditionally receives. And don't forget the intangible benefit of a bag as a gift is that she will love it and use it daily. Now that’s a great solution to a difficult problem.  Guess what - they'll never refer or see their bags as "disability aids".  They'll just talk about their stylish bag and enjoy all the compliments they'll receive!  A win-win for all.