Learn more about the fabrics, designs and construction that make up our great selection of fashionable and functional walker, scooter, power chair and wheelchair bags.  Just scroll down to view the questions by category.  Click on the question and the answer will appear.  If you have a different question not covered here, please email it to us at service@hdsmedallion.com or complete the Contact Us form. 


What is the bag made of?

The first comment we tend to hear when people see an actual bag is how nice the fabrics are visually and tactically. All of the Classic, Premier and Demi-Premier bags are all 100% cotton, 60 x 60 threads per inch minimally, and are soft and smooth to the touch. This is the same quality of fabric used by quilters for heavy use. We use these high quality materials that will stand up over time as many women use their bags daily. Our Metro Bags are made of lovely denim or twill fabric in reptile and leopard respectively.

Is there any latex or rubber in the bag?

All of our bags available for purchase now are 100% latex and rubber free as far as we know. More details: fabrics are 100% cotton except for the reptile, leopard and universal bags which are a cotton and polyester blend (denim and twill respectively). We use no adhesives. Our ribbons are grosgrain which is a polyester; buckles are either metal or hard plastic; silk flower is silk with rhinestones & metal; zipper flower is metal and polyester; braids are polyester and cotton mixtures; medallion, D-rings and snap hooks are all brass with coatings. We were unsure of the Velcro components (1.5 inch strips to close the bag and lots more used to hang the Classic Bags). According to Wikipedia, “the first Velcro sample was made of cotton, which proved impractical and was replaced by nylon and polyester.”

Why isn't there a zipper to close the bag?

Many seniors and disabled people with certain conditions have difficulty opening and closing zippers. For example, if a person with a walker tries to open or close a zipper with two hands while standing, she has to release her grip on the walker. This could be a safety hazard. Each HDS MEDALLION® Classic and Demi-Premier and most of the Premier bags can be securely closed by a 1½ inch velcro-like strip on both sides of the interior of the bag. Most people can open and close it one-handed while still holding on to their walkers or scooters and power chair controls. Based on your feedback, our larger Metro bags have zippers. One premier bag, Silver/Black Reptile, also has a zipper. In late 2015, we will introduce two new universal bags, one with a zipper. In 2016, we will make more zippered bags..

Is your bag made in the USA?

Yes, our manufacturer is based in the Fall River, Massachusetts area. We hope you support our efforts to keep jobs here even though this adds to the cost of the bags.


Does the bag have a place for my cellphone?

Each bag is constructed like a small tote bag, creating sufficient space to carry personal items. Additionally, a single pocket is sewn on the back of all bags, large enough for glasses or a cell phone. Two large pockets are found inside each bag and some of the Demi-Premier bags have an additional inside pocket. To make the inside pockets easier to find for people who may have diminished eyesight, we’ve made them out of contrasting fabric, a unique feature of our bags. But you can carry some unusual items also. One lady in our early test group, used her bag to carry her small oxygen tank. Another friend with cancer used it for her GI bag. We also received a testimonial from a younger woman who was recovering from a major ankle injury and surgery (6 to 9 months on a knee walker) who told us that her bag did a great job holding her handheld vac while she cleaned. That was a new one for us!”

What is the purpose of the medallion on each bag?

The medallion is our way of assuring you that the bag you bought is a genuine HDS Medallion® CarryAll Bag both now and in the future. If you see a bag and want to verify its authenticity, check the medallion’s front and back. The front has our logo and the back has our website url. The tag on the inside pocket of the bag should also be HDS MEDALLION®and show our website, www.hdsmedallion.com. We chose the medallion as symbolic of excellence and honor. Medallion also signifies decoration which are descriptive of the fashion in our bags. Our name also honors our Mother, Hazel Della Snodgrass (yes, really) by using her initials (HDS). We know she would love having her name attached to the products she inspired!


How can I clean the bag?

If something is spilled on the bag, we strongly recommend using a water-based product to spot clean the bag because of the decorative trims or features. Most of our bags are 100% cotton, denim or twill, so the fabrics can be washed, but the trim may or may not be washable. One customer with the knee walker recently spilled something on one of her two bags and washed it inside out. Told us it came out well. So we started testing all of the bags in a washing machine and dryer. We cannot guarantee results, but if you choose to handwash or machine wash the bag, please use cold water, delicate cycle and turn the bag inside out to protect the embellishments. Then pin it shut with a safety pin. A lingerie bag or pillow case tied shut, can be very helpful too. If your bag has a detachable flower and detachable straps, they must be taken off prior to washing. If you use a dryer, it should be on the gentle/delicate cycle, but air drying is probably best. Most of the bags did not even require pressing, but if they do, use a steam or cotton setting on the iron and be careful of any embellishments. One visitor recently asked if the bag could be dry cleaned. So we checked with our dry cleaners who said they would try it, but would take no responsibility for the outcome. They indicated they would turn the bag inside out as well.

Can the bags be used on a wheelchair?

Our HDS Medallion Premier CarryAll Bags, Demi-Premier and our Metro Bags function very well on the back of manual wheelchairs. They also work on power chairs including the thick armed ones. Our customers love the innovative design that allows them to switch strap locations and lengths and even use it as a shoulder, cross body or hand bag away from a mobility device. The Demi-Premier Bags also fit on the back of smaller wheelchairs. Take a look at our catalog. Our Demi-Premier and Classic CarryAll Bag easily fit on walkers and on a transport or travel wheelchair with its small wheels. These bags can also function well on a power chair or scooter that has armrests as long as they are 8 inches long and not too thick. Both types also work on some low back wheelchairs. Check out Will Our Bag Work On Your Mobility Device under the Home Page for more details.”


What if the person I bought this for either does not like it, does not want it, or wants a different bag. Can I return or exchange it?

See our return policy at the bottom of each screen. We will be happy to honor that policy with no questions asked within the first 30 days as long as the bag is in good condition. If the hangtag is still attached, that’s even better. We would be happy to exchange the bag, if it is in appropriate condition. If the bag has a defect after being used for less than 90 days, please contact us and discuss the problem. We will try our best to fix it or replace it! On a sidenote, we only had one return in our first year and less than 20 in 5 years. Very few have been returned for quality issues or defects. But if they are, we'll repair or replace the bag.


What is the nearest location to me that carries HDS MEDALLION® Bags?

Our bags had only been sold online at this site or through our customer service department at 1.877.646.1941 until we exhibited them at The Abilities Expos in various cities. In 2014 and 2015, we exhibited at the Little People Of America's national conferences. We've also added a Women's Expo at The Villages, Florida which is a senior community. HDS Medallion Bags are now sold on Amazon and eBay. If you are aware of an event we might consider, just let us know thru our contact us form.

What determines the price of the bags?

The price of an HDS MEDALLION® bag is primarily a function of the cost of its materials, the manufacturing cost to sew the bag, plus the cost of order fulfillment. We have chosen to use quality materials and strive to obtain them at a fair price. Our customers affirm that quality matters. For example, most people who use walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs and other mobility devices tend to use them every day, so our fabrics must be of high enough quality to look good day in and day out. The same is true of each bag’s embellishments. Some competitors skimp on fabrics and hardware, but we learned that this shortcut doesn't hold up over time. The hardware on the bags was designed and manufactured just for us. For example, the straps end in snap hooks with a 1.5" bar on the fabric. Since bags hang all the time, there is greater strain on straps and cheap hardware just doesn't hold up. Please note that all of our snaphooks, d-rings, etc. are metal, even those coated in black. No plastic here. We’ve taken care to use strong interfacing throughout the bag and in the straps to give it a soft shape that will last. The quality velcro-like hook and loop strips are wide and strong enough so that, if it is attached correctly, the Classic bag stays securely on the device even over time. The metal snaphooks and D-rings on our Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Bags are made of strong metal that is coated in black, brass or nickel and are made in the U.S.A (which is more expensive than overseas). Additionally, our American manufacturer does quality work in the construction of each bag. We are also proud of our order fulfillment people who really do answer the phone and emails and mail the bags for all orders during the week. If they receive an order by 2 pm on a business day, it is mailed on the same day. That's their guarantee. These all add up to a quality product for the price. Although these quality choices add to the bags' cost, we believe our customers deserve a quality product that is well made and a good value for the price. In some cases, the woman with the mobility device may be on fixed income and be unable to buy the bag. We have seen family members pitch in and buy the bag as a wonderful holiday or birthday present. She'll use it every day! So take a look at our available bags, a great value for your money and add them to your wishlist.


Why is HDS MEDALLION supporting the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation?

We believe that every business should support good causes and this foundation supports thousands of people who have spinal cord injuries due to accidents, injuries, etc. We encourage you to go to their website and read about them and their good work. Our bags are shown in The Reeve Store - just follow the links to their partners page and we're about 4th or 5th down. The Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research and to improving quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information, and advocacy. HDS MEDALLION is proud to support their efforts by donating $7 each time designated bags are purchased.