We all have our perceptions of people with disabilities. When we see someone using a wheelchair, walker or other mobility device, we instantly rely on preconceived notions of who that person is and how they should be treated. For most, it is a feeling of empathy or even sympathy and one that may incite a person to automatically ask if the disabled person needs help. But regardless of our actions, it is the quick sizing up that actually can have a negative impact on our perception of the disabled. 

Over the years people's perception of those with disabilities has changed greatly as many people who use wheelchairs, walkers and power chairs are more active, more independent and more likely to do things for themselves. Unfortunately, it is the image of the device that causes a problem. No matter how sleek or unique the wheelchair or other mobility device looks, it's still a wheelchair and many able-bodied people can't see past that.

When it comes to women with disabilities, there is a secret weapon that can be used to change perception: fashion. If you want to draw people's attention away from wheelchairs, medical mobility scooters and walkers, there are a number of things you can wear or accessorize with that will make onlookers forget about the mobility device.

At HDS Medallion® we came up with the idea of stylish carryall bags that can be attached to all types of medical mobility devices like walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, power chairs, etc. While our original intent was to give these women a convenient bag to carry their  belongings, we were and still are pleasantly surprised that the bags have had a huge impact on how these women are viewed and even how they perceive themselves.

Walkers to Wheelchairs Girls to Women All Beautiful With HDS Medallion Bags on Devices

Now, instead of focusing on the wheelchair, people notice the beautiful, fun or chic and stylish handbags that are attached to wheelchairs and walkers. This little accessory has a big impact. One fashion guru declares bags as "the primary fashion accessory for all women".  Women who use these attractive bags on their mobility devices instantly feel stylish and are spared the negative picture that comes with having to use a bag from the hospital that is drab, black or gray. Our colorful, whimsical and sophisticated carryall bags allow women to turn people's attention from their disability and instead focus attention on their expression of  individual style.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you hear the stories of young girls and older women who use the bags and notice how people's reactions change and how their perception of themselves is improved, you begin to understand that fashion is much more than fancy clothes and trendy accessories. What we wear and how we wear it says a lot about our taste and our unique lifestyle. Our designer carryall bags  give young girls to older women the opportunity to express themselves and divert attention away from their disability.

So Come Find Your Special Bag For Your Device!