According to recent statistics, there may be as many as 1.6 million Americans residing outside institutions who use wheelchairs. Most are using manual wheelchairs, but electric wheelchairs (and power chairs) are on the rise. As the baby boomers become seniors and retire, it is only logical that those with mobility disabilities will also increase and that means more wheelchairs.  

Baby Boomers Will Use More Wheelchairs - Need HDS Medallion BagsIn addition, disabled people are the largest minority group in the U.S., and many use wheelchairs.  Unlike people from a generation ago, today's wheelchair users are not putting up with drab mobility devices that look antiquated and offer little in terms of new age technology much less fashion.  In fact, the industry has seen an explosion in more attractive and innovative chairs such as Whill, Permobil's line of children's devices, etc.  

The majority of wheelchair users (58.8 percent) are women. Women today are going to choose a wheelchair that not only functions well for them, but also is more attractive in terms of color, trim, etc. if they can find them.  Devices for younger girls and women clearly stand out if they are in bright colors and we are seeing more and more chairs with pink, purple, yellow, burgundy, red, blue and green.  Regardless of the chair, more and more women and certainly teenage girls are rejecting the concept that being in a chair means little fashion or style. 

Now her device can be accessorized with items she deems important, including pretty carryall bags, stylish totes, wheel art (covers), headrest covers, etc. Disabled women reject being seen as objects of sympathy and are doing everything they can to spruce up their wheelchairs to draw attention to their femininity and personal style, not their disability. These wheelchair handbags' looks are just as important to the disabled women's self image as traditional purses are to able-bodied woYoung Wheelchair User Loves Her HDS Medallion Princess Damask Bagmen. Young disabled girls are very attracted to the brighter bags, especially with pink and purple.

As most women know, there are thousands of regular purses available, but do they  work on wheelchairs?  The answer is rarely.  Enter the growing market of  wheelchair accessories being led by the new realm of stylish and chic wheelchair bags. Any woman will tell you that no outfit is complete without the  right purse, and this goes for wheelchairs too. It is becoming far easier to find an  attractive walker bag designed to work on those devices. It's much harder to find a pretty wheelchair bag.

However, only a few  manufacturers such as HDS Medallion® are designing and selling high quality carryall bags that can be attached to wheelchairs, power chairs, medical scooters and other mobility devices. You can count them on one hand!   

Unlike the drab grey or black medical bags of yesteryear, these new wheelchair bags, especially those by HDS Medallion®, are colorful, stylish, fashionable and functional. Each bag speaks to a woman's sense of style and gives her the bag she needs to feel like a fashionista while having room for her personal belongings. From whimsical bags with colorful and vibrant floral patterns to chic and sophisticated bags that are perfect for formal evening events, the wheelchair bag market is just starting to find its stride, and HDS Medallion leads the way with its Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Bags.

Designed specifically to work on manual and electric wheelchairs, these bags feature detachable, adjustable straps that can be configured in a variety of ways.  They work on about 95% of all chairs.  They can even be configured to operate as a regular purse away from the mobility device if necessary.  This innovative design offers practical, stylish accessories for wheelchair users!