Whether your mom or grandmother is in independent or assisted living, at home, in a nursing home or rehab recovering from a recent surgery, the time is right for a thoughtful and caring gift. Unfortunately, people struggle coming up with gift ideas since many of the traditional gifts one would think of are either inconvenient or impractical for someone who uses a mobility device such as a walker, wheelchair, power chair or medical scooter.

Perfume, nightgowns and glass figurines aren’t exactly items a woman who uses a walker or power chair is in need of especially seniors who have downsized to independent or assisted living facilities, smaller retirement housing or nursing homes. It isn’t practical to buy mom or grandma typical gifts that will only be tossed out or put away unused. It is very difficult to come up with a gift that she will treasure and use.  Our Mom used to say, "please, not another nightgown! No more perfume or lotion. No more doodads! I don’t want or need anything."  Sound like your loved one? 

We have the perfect solution for moms and grandmas who are adjusting to life with a medical mobility device: the HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall Bag. We have over 40 bags in 5 major collections. Made from attractive high quality fabrics and trims, sporting feminine designs and practical features and infusing the user with a strong sense of style, our functional and fashionable walker bags, wheelchair bags and other mobility device bags are the perfect gift for women who use power chairs, medical scooters and walkers or wheelchairs (manual, transport or electrical). Capable of carrying important personal belongings, our HDS Medallion® CarryAll bags are ideal for women who need to have these items in their possession for health or personal reasons, regardless of their ages.

Our Mom (the HDS in our name and the inspiration for these bags) ended Mom With Her Last HDS Medallion Bag for Her Walkerup with five of our Classic Bags and used one every day.  She would change them to complement colors she was wearing.  Here is Mom with her last bag at 101½. 

When shopping for gifts for women who use mobility devices remember that more than anything she wants to feel good about herself. Yes, walkers and mobility scooters are wonderful devices that provide women with the ability to move around freely, but medical equipment is rarely designed to be attractive, much less stylish.

Adjusting to life with a walker or power chair takes time and one way to make the transition easier is to give mom or grandma a designer carryall bag that will give her back or enhance her sense of style and worth. Our designer bags feature vibrant to subtle colors, beautiful prints from floral and paisleys to snazzy contemporary animal prints in great designs to suit the moods and tastes of every woman. We’re also proud that HDS Medallion® Bags are made in the U.S.A. Additionally, we use as many American made components we can find.

Great for holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day or the day mom or grandma is entering an independent or assisted living facility or a nursing home, there are plenty of occasions that are perfect for giving her an authentic HDS Medallion® Designer Carryall bag. By providing a functional carryall bag that also has a distinct fashionable edge, your mom or grandma can move about with pride and confidence knowing she doesn’t have to sacrifice her independent sense of style just because she is using a mobility device. She'll also enjoy the compliments and attention she and her bag will get from her friends!

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