Our designer wheelchair handbags are terrific gifts for a number of reasons:  functionality, versatility and style. With 35+ bags to choose from, it is evident that fabric is a critical piece in the style component.  The fabric design of the handbags is certainly eye-catching and people often wonder about the material in the fabric. All walker, wheelchair, power chair and scooter HDS Medallion® bags are made of quality fabric; most of 100% premium cotton. There is no doubt that the cotton is why the bags are so soft and remain soft even after years of reliable use.  Our Metro bags are larger and need sturdier fabric to support more contents, so we used heavier twill (cotton/polyester blend) and denim (cotton/polyester).  We even offer a few bags of a faux suede. 

The 100% cotton fabric is the material used by most quilters. It comes in a large number of patterns, holds its colors well over time and is durable. The row of sample swatches below gives you a sense of the range of these fabrics from playful to sophisticated patterns.  Take a look at our lookbook for a really good look at the patterns we offer whether it be several in different color palettes like purple and blue, or subtle elegance, whimsical, etc.

Swatches of HDS Medallion Bag's Fabric for walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs.

In 2015, we introduced new waterproof bags made of laminated cotton.  Using the same caliber of cotton, our fabric vendor has the fabric laminated which makes it waterproof.  It's not the texture of oilcloth or vinyl fabrics as in days gone by.  It's soft and pliable. These "slicker" materials come in bright contemporary flowers (first swatch above) in both premier and demi-premier sizes. The white polka-dots on a black background have been made into fun demi-premier bags popped with pink, red, or turquoise ribbons and lining.  In 2016 we introduced the fabulous Colorwash laminated cotton.  No two of these Metro bags are the same due to the pattern of swirled bright colors of purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellowand they're even zippered.  All of these  A perfect answer for a rainy day!   

HDS Medallion Waterproof Bags for Walkers, Scooters, Wheelchairs, Power Chairs

HDS Medallion Stunning Waterproof Colorwash Bags for Wheelchairs

The HDS Medallion® Metro Bags feature denim in an unusual black and gray reptile pattern or our fun brown/gold/black leopard pattern in twill.  

Two Metro HDS Medallion Bags for Wheelchairs, Power Chairs and Scooters

In terms of safety, most HDS Medallion® bags do not have a zipper. In fact, we only have made four bags with zippers. This is because many seniors and people with disabilities have trouble opening and closing zippers. These larger Metro bags do have zippers.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a wheelchair handbag or a walker bag, check out our collections today