Once you get the hang of it, it's simple to attach your HDS Medallion CarryAll Bag to your mobility device.  The Classic Collection bags are very easy to attach with their velcro based attachment system and become great walker bags, scooter bags and transport wheelchair bags.  Here's how they are attached (Section I just below).  For wheelchair bags, power chair bags from our Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Collections, see Section II. For do's and don'ts, see Section III.  Want a demonstration instead?  Watch our videos:

Section I:  Attaching A Classic Bag to A Walker

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Step 1: Classic Bags are quite easy to attach to a walker or any device that has a bar or thin armrest. Lift straps from the back of the bag. Position the bag in the front and center of the available bar while avoiding any hinges. Most people position the bag with the decorative side facing out making the back pocket more accessible.  Besides, it lets the world see your fabulous taste in walker bags!

Step 2: Taking one strap at a time, lift it over the bar or armrest and attach the velcro on the strap to the velcro on the back of the bag. There are 3” of velcro on each strap and 2” on the bag which allows for you to adjust the height of the bag by an inch. Attach the first strap and see if you like the alignment.

Step 3: After completing any adjustments to the first strap, connect the second one to the back. Be sure and check that the attachment is in a similar location or the bag will hang crookedly. Be sure and restrict the weight on contents to less than 5 lbs. Too much weight can tilt a walker.

Step 4: Voilá – you are ready to show the world your stunning new bag while carrying your personal items. You can use the same technique to attach a Classic bag to a thin armed power chair or the handles or armrest of a mobility scooter. 

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Section II:  Attaching Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Bags To A Device

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Design: Each Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro bag has two detachable straps which can be adjusted from a short strap to a longer one.  Watch this YouTube video to see exactly how to adjust the straps easily. See each product description for exact handle drop (1/2 the length of the strap & hardware). The snap hooks at the end of each strap can be attached to any of 6 D-rings inside the bag.  This flexible, innovative fastening system enables you to adjust and configure the bag to fit almost all devices. You can even arrange the straps so the bag can be carried as a hand or shoulder bag.  

On Wheelchairs, Power Chairs, Scooters & Walkers: To place a bag on the back handles of a manual wheelchair, fasten both snap hooks of each strap on an end D-ring forming two loops as shown in the center picture below. For any device with an armrest or bar, the straps hook front to back on the four center D-rings as shown in the top right picture below.  These features allow you to attach your bag to multiple types of devices: wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers, scooters, even Segways. They can also be attached under your chair, behind your knees if that is best for you.  Visit our device section for views of how bags are attached to various devices. With this versatility, you have a great wheelchair bag, power chair accessory, scooter bag and even a walker bag or a bag that works on multiple devices.

As A Carried Purse: You can even configure the bag to be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag or cross body bag.  For a hand or shoulder bag, just extend the straps from mid to full length and attach one in the front D-rings and the other in the back D-rings. Shabam!  A new look. To produce a cross body bag, lengthen the straps to full length and attach them to each other by snapping one snap hook onto the other strap's snap hook.  Attach each end of this long strap onto the D-rings at each end of the bag. 

Section III:  Tips on Attaching Bags + Ideas for Unusual Cases

Bag Hangs Too Low

Occasionally someone comes to an event to show us their bag and it has been “damaged” by the tires on a power chair.  When we look at it, we find the straps have been extended too long leaving it to hang down too low.  They often comment “when you did it, it was just right, but when my husband/partner/ significant other/son or daughter put the new one on, it never was the same”.  So here are some pointers on hanging and securing a bag:

  1. Watch our video on hanging a bag on a power chair or wheelchair (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLbMn4G-GE8)
  2. Remember that the straps are highly adjustable – just pull the slide up or down the strap to lengthen or shorten it. Here is a link to a video that shows exactly how to lengthen and shorten straps.
  3. Longer can mean shorter.  If straps are at their shortest and the bag is still too low, then consider a few alternatives such as:
  • * Lengthen the strap so that it can wrap around the armrest two times.  Adjust so that person can get in the bag but it is as high as necessary. 
    • Using Straps At Two Different Links | HDS Medallion Power Chair Bag
      * Find something else to hook it around.  Many power chairs have vertical bars between the armrest and the rest of the chair or behind the armrest.  Since each strap can be used differently, take advantage of the bar(s) by wrapping one or both of the straps around a bar and then over the armrest.

      * With the straps being adjustable, you can make the bag hang evenly with the straps at different lengths as in this picture where the left strap is hooked to a bar at her shoulder height and the other wraps around the armrest. 
    • * Use other D-Rings.  There are six D-rings in our Premier, Demi-premier and Metro bags.  Normally you would use the four center ones to hang the bag over an armrest.  But it might be better to use the end D-Rings especially if you attach one strap to a vertical bar behind the armrest. Plus it makes the bag's opening larger for insertion of tablets, ipads, etc.

      * Experiment with different strap configurations like extending one of the straps to its longest and securing it on one D-ring at the front or end and then wrap it several times along the armrest and then hook it to a back D-ring or the other end.  Or you can connect two straps into each other (press one snap hook into the other strap's snap hook) and wrap the longer strap around the armrest and snake it up to the other end of the bag.  Make sure the hardware is not on the armrest to avoid chafing your arm.

    • * Take the bag on your chair to a seamstress or tailor.  Ask him/her to cut the straps and resew the hardware on the new shorter strap so each fits perfectly.  Not very expensive and tailors the straps to your chair. If you are a sewer, you can do it yourself.  Here's a video showing how our manufacturer shortens straps. One of our customer’s smart ideas!

Bag Security

Other people talked about the bag sliding off of their armrest or being vulnerable on the back of a wheelchair. Here are some of the things you can try.

  1. Find something else to hook it around.  Many power chairs have vertical bars between the armrest and the rest of the chair or behind the armrest.  Since each strap can be used differently, take advantage of the bar(s) by wrapping one or both of the straps around a bar and then over the armrest.  With the straps being adjustable, you can make the bag hang evenly with the straps at different lengths. 
  2. If your chair has small vertical bars under the armrest, make sure one strap is inside that bar which makes the bag secure.
  3. If you’re hanging a bag on the back of a wheelchair, there are several ways to make the bags more secure.
      * Wrap the straps around the handle a couple of times especially on the side of the handles next to the back of the chair.
      * Hook one or more of the straps to a vertical bar if one is available on either or both sides of the back of the chair. 
      * Lengthen the straps and then wrap twice around the handles and then hook the open ends of the straps to each other in the middle. 

      Putting Bag on the Front of a Manual Wheelchair

      If you or your loved one has better capability to bend over to the front of the chair as opposed to reaching to get a bag from the back, consider putting a bag on the front just under the seat.  This won’t work on all devices.  You need to have at least a tube/bar on each side of the underside to make this work.  We have found each chair is different.  So get someone who has some imagination and will sit and play with different configurations of the straps on D-rings and different lengths of straps.   Here are some pictures to show you how it worked in real life.

      Pointers – make sure bag doesn’t drag near or on the ground.  We found Demi-Premiers work better than any other bag in this situation (13" x 10").  Also, the bag has to be where the person can reach the bottom of it to obtain her things. 

       HDS Medallion - Demi-Premier Imperial Indigo Under Seat PlacementHDS Medallion Demi-Premier Mulberry Criss Cross Under Seat Attachment

      Overstuffed Bags Are More Easily Damaged

      Too much stuff tends to get the bag damaged in one of several ways.  First way is that if the bag is on the side of a chair and sticks out quite a bit from the armrest, it is likely to get damaged going through doors.  If it gets caught on door hardware, odds are that it will rip the bag apart or at least pull up one or more D-rings the straps are attached to.

      The other problem with overstuffing is the damage to the bag itself over time.  While we are very proud of our quality materials and sewing, too much stuff over a long period of time will tend to cause the ribbons holding the D-rings either to lift or break. If you are seeing multiple D-rings lift, you have too much stuff in the bag.  It’s not a defect of our manufacturer if it happens after you have used the bag for a period of time. If a D-ring lifts, you can still use the bag but you are running the risk of losing a D-ring totally. 

      To put all of this in perspective, the vast majority of the bags we've seen at our shows were working and in amazing condition 1 – 3 years later.  Not surprisingly that tickles us and makes us proud! 

      Worn Out Your Bag?  We've Got Lots Of New Bags To Consider!