Will Our Bags Work On Your Medical Scooter? The Answer is Pretty Much Yes!

We know it's hard to believe our bags will work on every type of scooter. But to date, we have found that all of our bags work extremely well on scooters. The scooter is the only mobility device that provides multiple places bags can be attached whether it is on the front handle bars, the armrest, handles behind the chair, or around the entire back. A walker bag may often be the best if front handles are available. But the detachable, adjustable straps on our premier, demi-premier and metro bags can be configured in various arrangements and lengths on 2 to 4 D-rings for other configurations or if different sized bags are desired. We provide a card with illustrations on the most common ways to adapt the straps in every purchased bag. 

Check out the pictures below to see typical arrangements on medical scooters.  Read the detailed write-up on "Will Our Bag Work On Your Device?" page if you still have questions.

Isn't it time to purchase your own HDS Medallion Bag in the Classic, Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Collections?

HDS Medallion Bags Work On Medical Scooters - See Examples