Will Our Bags Work On Your Walker or Rollator? The Answer is Pretty Much Yes!

We know it's hard to believe our bags will work on every walker.  But we have found very few examples where the bags will not work due our original design in the Classic Collection which was made specifically for walkers. But we've listed the few that don't in our write-up on "Will Our Bag Work On Your Device?" page.

In addition to the Classic Collection, our Premier and Demi-Premier Collections feature bags that will work well on all types and sizes of walkers and rollators due to our unique innovative attachment system.  Our larger Metro Bags are best suited for a larger walker rather than very short or narrow walkers. The demi-premier bags work well on these smaller walkers.

Check out the pictures below to see typical arrangements on walkers and rollators including a knee walker.

Isn't it time to purchase an HDS Medallion Bag in the Classic, Premier, Demi-Premier or Metro Collections?


HDS Medallion Bags Work Well On All Types of Walkers