Will Our Bags Work On Your Wheelchair? The Answer is Pretty Much Yes!

With so many versions of wheelchairs available today, it's hard to believe our bags will work on every chair.  But we have found very few cases where the bags will not work; all thanks to our unique innovative attachment system.  The detachable, adjustable straps can be configured in various arrangements on 2 to 4 D-rings which adapts the bag to fit on various wheelchairs.  We even provide a card showing you different ways to configure the bag.

Check out the pictures below to see typical arrangements on wheelchairs, manual and transport.  Read the detailed write-up on "Will Our Bag Work On Your Device?" page if you still have questions.

It's time to purchase your own HDS Medallion Bag in the Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Collections!

Wheelchairs with HDS Medallion Bags - A Demonstration