If your mom has to use a walker, power chair, medical scooter or transport wheelchair, buy her a Mother's Day gift that will show how much you truly care and that she will use. Age, disease and surgery can all combine to warrant the use of a walker, power chair, manual wheelchair, transport wheelchair or medical scooter and when women have to use these devices, it often diminishes their sense of independence and personal style. Rather than burden mom with another expensive gift that only serves to clutter a closet shelf, get her a designer carryall bag from HDS Medallion® that will allow her to fashionably carry all her personal belongings and express her unique flair.

We feature a superb selection of choice handbags that are designed specifically for a wide variety of walkers and medical mobility devices. From elegant purple designs to cosmopolitan Royal Blue Lumina, we have a designer walker bag that will suit your mom's individual character.  Our jeweled ribbon premier bag is an expression of sophisticated beauty for a wheelchair user.  

A Collection of Beautiful Bags for Mother's Day | HDS Medallion

If your Mom or Grandmother prefers more casual bags, we have those too.  See our collections for a range of bags, styles, sizes and patterns.  

She'll love showing her new bag off to her family and friends. And you'll enjoy watching her enjoyment and psychological lift she's gained from your thoughtful gift.

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