Today more women are using power chairs to stay active and get away from walkers and wheelchairs. Whether it’s due to an injury, disease or surgery, the use of power chairs has increased steadily, and as more women use these helpful medical devices, the demand for convenient accessories grows. While power chairs are certainly helpful in allowing women to move about, the devices themselves are not exactly designed for style. At HDS Medallion® we saw an opportunity to give women who use power chairs a functional and fashionable accessory that would add style and much needed practicality to their daily lives. 


Charlotte Rose Pink Mobility Bag for Power ScootersThe HDS Medallion Designer Carryall Bags are designed to give women who use power chairs a handy and stylish purse that easily attaches to the medical mobility device’s arm and gives them easy access to their medical information, medications and personal belongings. The majority of today’s power chair bags and other medical device pouches are drab in appearance and design. They look like an offshoot of backpacks with their canvas material and utilitarian styling.  Men don't mind them, but women care about how they look.

By using stylish carryall bags, women who use power chairs have an accessory that reflects their strong sense of fashion and character. Being disabled doesn’t mean sacrificing what makes you unique. With a great selection (35+) of HDS Medallion walker bags and power chair accessories, we can help women feel special again and still have a functional carryall bag that holds all their personal belongings.

Great for a Mother’s Day, a birthday or another holiday gift or when Mom or Grandma is entering assisted a living center or nursing home, our HDS Medallion Designer Carryall Bags are perfect gifts for women who use mobility devices.