If you or someone you know is confined to a wheelchair, electric or manual, or a power chair, it's obvious how restricting life can be. While a mobility device allows greater independence, especially power chairs, and the chance to do things seniors and people who are disabled couldn't do without one, this medical aide is still a cumbersome device that acts as a constant reminder of one's disability. 

Adapting to life in a chair can be a difficult process and one that can be a damper to a woman's psychological well-being. If you watched the reality series "Push Girls" a decade or so ago, you recognize that part of the storyline was young Chelsie Hill's adjustment to her spinal cord injury in her senior year of high school and the resulting paralysis. The older, more experienced women of the show showed her how to adapt and still wear stylish clothes, fashionable shoes, etc.  Women especially like to maintain a fashion sense and unfortunately power chairs, walkers, manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters just aren't designed for style - they are all about function. 

Here at HDS Medallion, we love function, but believe it has to be married to fashion so we produce fabulously functional bags for all types of tastes and styles.  Check them out!

Women In Power Chairs With HDS Medallion CarryAll Bags

At HDS Medallion® we carefully considered the impact being in a wheelchair or power chair can have on a woman both in terms of function and fashion. Whether someone needs to use a device due to difficulty walking, surgery or a debilitating condition, the side effects are often the same: lack of independence, frustration and a sacrifice of personal style. We took all these factors into consideration when planning our unique mobility device carryall bags with the goal of providing women in wheelchairs and power chairs a functional bag that also reflects a sense of style and panache.

Zebra print mobility bagThe end result are the fabulous HDS MEDALLION® Premier Carryall Bags that allow women who need to use these mobility devices a highly versatile, functional carryall bag with loads of style. The Premier Carryall Bags' adjustable, detachable straps allow the bag to be configured in a variety of positions. These bags also feature attractive quality fabrics and trims, feminine designs and practical attributes. Our designer wheelchair and power chair bags of all sizes, give women a fashionable accessory that not only conveniently holds important medical and personal items, but also gives them a chance to display their individuality and own personal sense of style. 

Currently there are around 35+ styles ranging from vibrant and colorful floral patterns to contemporary chic zebra print designs (pictured above) with its shocking pink ribbon and rhinestone circle. With an HDS MEDALLION® power chair bag you'll display your sense of style and have a practical carryall bag to carry all your important stuff.