Capitalizing on the success of its Classic Carryall Bags, HDS Medallion® is proud to offer its Premier Bags for wheelchairs, thick and thin armed power chairs, medical scooters, walkers and other medical mobility devices. As versatile and stylish carryall bags, the Premier bags are unique in that they can adjust to fit almost all mobility devices and even be used as shoulder bags or handbags. The detachable and adjustable straps can configure into various arrangements, making it easy to adapt your Premier Designer Carryall bag to the medical mobility device you are using.

All of our Premier Collection wheelchair bags feature attractive and feminine designs, including floral patterns, stylish zebra stripes and a range of vibrant colors including imperial blue, hot pink, misty gray, bright blue and silver and onyx. Just like the Classic bags, our new Premier bags are designed to be both fashionable and functional so senior and disabled women who have to use medical mobility devices can have an attractive carryall bag for the personal belongings they need to bring with them. Unlike the drab and dull medical bags that are about as exciting as a rainy day, our Premier bags are exploding with colors and patterns that can lift the spirits of any woman using a wheelchair, power chair, mobility scooter or walker.

The medical accessories market is rapidly changing, and at HDS Medallion we are prepared to meet the challenges of new devices with versatile and stylish carryall bags that men, women and children will be able to use. Originally designed for senior women, our research and feedback have opened our eyes to many opportunities to create stylish bags that can be used by younger women, professional women, teenage girls, adult males and even kids. To date our bags have been primarily directed at women and girls.  In 2016 we will introduce universal bags for men and women.  Rather than shy away from this challenge, we embrace the evolution of our walker bags into wheelchair, power chair and scooter bags. We look forward to designing additional new and stylish carryall bags that can make life easier and more fashionable for anyone who needs to use a medical mobility device.