It is important to share information about products we see that might help some of our customers or visitors.  This is an ongoing project to highlight products and vendors we have met, observed or just heard about from various expos, tradeshows and conversations with booth visitors or customers.  Hope you find them helpful.  If you want to add any, just send us the information by email to 

Shopping/Learning About Products

* Abilities Expos - - the largest tradeshows where exhibitors educate, demonstrate, and sell products to assist disabled persons.  They also have resources and information on their website not related just to expos.  HDS Medallion will be exhibiting at the NY Metro, Chicago, Houston, San Mateo and Washington, D. C. expos.  We'll let people know more about it as we approach each show.

HDS Medallion Exhibits At Abilities Expos | Walker Bags and Wheelchair Bags

* Push Living - - your gateway to accessible travel, lifestyle and shopping.  The site has a great magazine with articles, travel opportunities, and meaningful information.  You can also buy stunning photographs of disabled people in a variety of settings, shop for a variety of mobility products, and view other lifestyle aspects for people in wheelchairs and power chairs.  

Our Premier Black Damask bag was recently featured in a Wheelchair Accessory Guide Push Living produced.  

Push Living Logo - Banner for HDS Medallion Resources for You



Research, Education, Support

AbleRise - - This site is dedicated "to help locate disability resources and make the world a bit more caring."  They provide permanent resources to know and understand and also scour the internet for meaningful articles, blogs, etc.  

AbleRise - A Resource for Disabled People

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation - - provides a wide range of support services, research and education for those with spinal cord injuries.  They recently published a resource map for accessible parks and rehabilitation centers that can locate them in your zip code.

HDS Medallion Donates to Reeve Foundation With Walker and Wheelchair Bag Sales

* MDA & Quest - covering 42 different diseases and conditions, MDA provides support, information, research and education for people with these diseases.  Their magazine, Quest, is in print and online.  HDS Medallion periodically advertises in this first class magazine.

HDS Medallion Advertises Wheelchair Bags In Quest Magazine and Supports MDA 

* LPA - the Little People's Association is the support, education and product source for Little People. HDS Medallion is on their product and resource page.  In addition, we have exhibited our bags during the last four National LPA Conferences in July.  

HDS Medallion Exhibits Scooter Bags At The Little People of America's National Conference 

* Paralyzed Veterans of America - - attend all expos to offer literature, advice, assistance, etc. for paralyzed veterans and their families.  Check their site for local chapters.  

HDS Medallion Makes Bags for Paralyzed Veterans and Supports PVA

Mobility Support

*Kempf, Inc. - - Kempf adapts vehicles for drivers with a disability.  Well known and well respected company with at home pick-up and delivery and a lifetime warranty.  Martine, the owner known for knowledge and integrity.

HDS Medallion Hears About This Product from Its Customers

* Mobility Lifter - - Jeanine, the owner of this company found a terrific lifter in Europe for her mom and then obtained the rights to sell it here.  This lifter, for manual wheelchairs, allows the attendant to maneuver stairs easily.  

Mobility Lifter Helps Wheelchair and Power Chair Users Navigate Steps and Stairs

* Quick Caddy - - we are consistently asked if we know of a drink holder that works well.  Quick Caddy is one that several customers recommended.
HDS Medallion's Customers Recommend This Water Bottle Holder

* On The Go Water Bottle Holder - - this is another drink holder along with a cell phone pocket for use on wheelchairs.  Enter name in search box to get to page quickly.  

Several HDS Medallion Wheelchair Users Recommend This

Fashion & Accessories

* My Xpression - - makes attractive covers for power chair and electric wheelchair headrests at a reasonable price.   

This Disabled Woman Owned Business Makes Stylish Wheelchair Headrest Covers

* ABL Denim  - produces fashionable adaptive jeans and other clothes for people in wheelchairs.  Some of the products can also be purchased on the Push Living store.

ABL Denim makes fashionable jeans for wheelchair and power chair users  

* 3ELove - - produces T-shirts and sweatshirts for people in chairs.  Very popular at the expos and they also offer fundraising opportunities.  Owners, Leslie and Stevie, are terrific people

3 elove has great t-shirts and sweatshirts for disabled | HDS Medallion Supports Them


* The Little Shoe Store -  - this online shoe store specializes in shoes made for people with small feet especially those that are also wide.  Their shoes were very popular at the Little People's National Conferences.  

The Little Shoe Store for Women with Small Feet Especially Little People

Runway of Dreams - - Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit organization working with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community. Partnering with top brands and retailers, Runway of Dreams works to integrate wearable technology and design modifications into clothing, making it adaptive and wearable for all.  They just announced a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger to produce clothes initially for children and teenagers, but working up to adults. Their fashion show at The Push Nation Festival was impressive. 

Runway of Dreams has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to produce stylish, adaptive clothing.

Diner Wear -  - sometimes people need a bib when eating for a variety of reasons, but most adults don't want to wear one.  This is an attractive scarf that serves the same purpose.  Made of microfibers in a range of colors and patterns, it provides a feminine means of protecting your clothing.  We met the woman behind this great idea at the New York/New Jersey Abilities Expo.  Nice fabric and well sewn.  

As you can see by the picture, the diner wear also goes well with our bags - complementary!  Put your dinerwear scarf in your HDS Medallion CarryAll Bag and look great at lunch when you use it!

Diners Scarves go well with HDS Medallion CarryAll Bags


Blogs & Bloggers

* Roll With Lindsey - - met her at our very first Houston Abilities Expo.  She was/is a ray of sunshine - very upbeat, honest and fun.  We had the honor of ripping off the carpenter belt her husband had attached to the chair and putting a Zebra bag on it.  We reconnected when she started following us on twitter.  P.S.  She still loves her bag 3 years later!

* Frill-Ability - - we met Ellejay Volpe at the Chicago Abilities Expo in 2015 and had a great time with her, her fiance and family.  She did a videotape of a variety of products including us and her bag a few days later.  View it at  It's a long video so you can skip to minute 33.50 to hear her talk about her bag, Mulberry Criss-Cross.

Health | Hygiene

* Freedom Wand - - this company produces an implement that helps those with limited reach perform personal hygiene.  Not a topic usually talked about, but the owner invented this tool when she broke her back and needed some help in the bathroom.  

Freedom Wand Helps Disabled & Seniors In Toilet

* EmBrace - - although we have not tried this ourselves, we have watched many people try it and buy it at several expos and shows.  These are professional therapists and are very proud of their product which is billed as a respiratory muscle exercise system addressing poor posture, difficulty being heard when speaking, etc.  


 Embrace Helps People With Back or Core Issues


* Easy Access Travel - this company is owned and managed by Debra Kerper whom we have known on the Abilities Expo circuit for several years.  The informal Easy Access Travel Cruise Planning by Debra Kerperfeedback is that she does a fabulous job of arranging, organizing and leading cruises.  Debra has been around the world in either her wheelchair or scooter (often carrying one of our bags).  She is a delight!

Here is her company's mission:
Accessible Cruising
Dedicated to meeting the special needs of disabled & mature travelers

Easy Access Travel Specializes in Accessible Cruise Vacations and Packaged Land Tours for Persons with Physical Disabilities. Consider a Cruise for your next Family Reunion. A Cruise will meet the needs of everyone in your group, a family member with a disability, seniors, active adults, teenagers, children and toddlers.

* Flanabags -  - we met the creator, owner of Flanabags through mutual friends.  I've given these bags as stocking stuffers for the members of the family who fly.  Saves lots of time going through security and is handy for a number of other uses.  They even have one that is a perfect companion to any of our zebra walker or wheelchair bags.    

Flanabags Air Quarts Recommended by HDS MedallionA Zebra AirQuart Bag Matches HDS Medallion's Zebra Walker, Wheelchair and Scooter Bags

TravAbility - this site has a mission of being advocates for inclusive travel - working towards making the world accessible to all.  They provide information, resources, travel arrangements, etc.  Check them out.  

TravAbility advocates for inclusive tourism.  HDS Medallion salutes their work.