A senior woman using an HDS Medallion mobility bag as a fashionable accessory for her walker.For years, senior women have felt the brush-off from society. It's no secret that the fashion and beauty industry celebrates youth. Magazines, TV shows and blogs are dedicated to showing fashionable young women enjoying life while sporting the latest in handbags, shoes and makeup. But just because a woman has reached an age where she is considered a senior, that doesn't mean she sacrifices her sense of style. Where does it say senior women can't have stylish accessories, preferably ones that can be fitted onto mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers?

The fact is, as the life expectancy of Americans continues to increase (currently at 79 years) those who reach senior levels are no longer simply accepting products that make them feel old. Drab grey or black medical bags that used to accompany wheelchairs and walkers are now being replaced by stylish and practical carryall bags that feature bright colors, chic designs and enough functionality to make them useful accessories for senior women. No one wants to settle for anything that will make her feel old or disabled. Using a walker or wheelchair is hard enough for many senior women, and the idea of accessorizing these devices with bland hospital bags only makes it worse.

Enter the new age seniors. Today, women who use wheelchairs, walkers and thin-armed power chairs are refusing to adopt fashion accessories that lack style and flair.  Women take great pride in their handbags, and the thought of using a bag that says nothing about their personal taste simply won't do.  No, today's senior women are independent enough to demand carryall bags that not only attach easily to their mobility devices, but also look great.  

Leopard Print Wheelchair and Walker BagAt HDS Medallion we understand the problem senior women face when shopping for carryall bags. Expensive designer bags from brand names such as Coach and Prada have no way to attach to a mobility device, and bags that are designed for wheelchairs and walkers are often grey, drab and boring. Is it too much to ask for a colorful and stylish carryall bag that easily fits on a medical mobility device? We don't think so.

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