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Wheelchair Bags For Every TasteWomen: The majority of wheelchair users (58.8 percent) are women. Women today are going to choose a wheelchair that not only functions well for them, but also is more attractive in terms of color, trim, etc. if they can find them.  Devices for younger girls and women clearly stand out if they are in bright colors. Here at HDS Medallion, we're starting to see more and more solid colors on wheelchairs at least in primary colors, hot pink, etc. Regardless of the chair, more and more women are rejecting the concept that being in a chair means minimal fashion.

Now her device can be accessorized with items she deems important, including pretty carryall bags, stylish totes and fashionable adaptive clothing if necessary. Disabled women are tired of being seen as objects of sympathy or even courage and are doing everything they can to spruce up their wheelchairs to draw attention to their femininity and personal style, not their disabilities. These wheelchair "handbags" looks are just as important to the disabled women's self image as traditional purses are to able bodied women, if not more so.  As one of our stylish customers explained, "if you can't stand up, you must stand out!"  

In the last two years, it is far easier to find an attractive walker bag designed to work on walkers and rollators.  However, only a few manufacturers such as HDS Medallion are designing and selling high quality, stylish designer carryall bags that can be attached to wheelchairs, power chairs, medical scooters and other mobility devices.

We are one of a handful of designers who produce fabulously functionaSophisticated Styles in Wheelchair Bagsl bags for mobility devices. Unlike the drab bags of yesteryear, HDS Medallion's new wheelchair bags are colorful, chic, stylish, and highly functional.  Each bag speaks to a different sense of style and gives the user the bag she needs to carry her personal belongings and demonstrate her unique taste at the same time. From whimsical bags with colorful, fun, vibrant patterns to chic and sophisticated bags that are perfect for all occasions, the wheelchair bag market is just starting to gain traction with HDS Medallion leading the way with its Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Bag. See all of our collections!

Men: HDS Medallion introduced their new Universal Expression Collection
 in 2016.  The all black twill bag comes with a zippered or velcro closure and a detachable band.  This band can be removed and more stylish and personal bands can be placed on the bag.  This allows both men, women, boys and girls to use the bag and tailor its looks to their own self expression.  When a Universal Expression Bag is purchased, the buyer is entitled to select 1 of 7 available bands as part of the purchase.  They can also buy any band that is available.  The bands range from zebra to camouflage to chic and we are continually adding to the collection.  Additional Bands range in price from $10 to $20 depending on materials.

HDS Medallion Universal Bags for Mobility Devices

All: Designed specifically to work on manual and electric wheelchairs as well as power chairs, scooters and walkers, these bags feature an remarkable, but simple, fastening system of detachable, adjustable straps that can be configured in a variety of ways.  They work on 95%+ of all chairs.  They can even be configured to operate as a regular purse away from the mobility device if necessary.  This innovative design offers practical, stylish accessories for wheelchair users! And the range of patterns, colors and styles accommodates a variety of tastes. 

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