What's All The Buzz About? 
What People Are Saying About Their HDS Medallion Bags!

It warms our hearts every time we sell, give or donate one of our bags to a customer, a bag winner or for a cause.  Each is made with love and great care.  Because human beings sew our bags (made in the USA), mistakes can occur occasionally (about 1% - 2% of the time) and we stand behind our products.  We know a bag will be used and often truly treasured by the woman or girl (and now appreciated by men) who receives it.  Whether she's a young girl, a 20-something, in midlife or a mature lady, a military vet,or a man, she or he will be smiling, energized and feeling feminine or still masculine. Take a peek below at what they are saying about how their bags enhance every day lives.

If you have comments relative to your bag or what you see on our site, we would love to hear from you.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Contact Us page on our site, send us an email at or comment on our blog


Ron bought his mother a Classic bag after seeing our ad in our high school reunion program.  It was great to hear from a former classmate, now a doctor. He gave us very nice feedback about how he had searched high and low for an attractive, functional bag for his mom's walker and was so pleased to finally find one.  But this follow-up response is incredible!

"Carol - I thought I would give you some follow-up on the impact of the walker bag I gave my mother.

She started using it and then began using it for more and more things. She started leaving her room more and walking more with the walker. She went to get her own ice from the ice machine. She went to the library. And so on. She uses the bag to carry her cell phone, her handicapped placard and some of the quarters she has won at Bingo. 

She began to recover her strength somewhat and when I was there last, was walking in her room without the walker. 

I think the bag was a big help in her improving her independence." 

Ron from Germany (his residence) and Texas (his Mom's)


Brenda bought a Colorwash bag at the Houston Expo and experienced a problem.  We sent her a new bag as close to the one she had before as possible.  "I love the green (zippered) bag that came when I was out of town. It is great with the purple that it has on it. Thank you so much for your great customer service and wonderful products. Happy Holidays!"  Brenda H., Texas HDS Medallion's Metro Colorwash Bag is waterproof, stunning and practical for mobility devices or to carry


Marge had purchased 3 other HDS Medallion bags at LPA (Little People of America) Conferences in the last 3 years. When we noticed she had bought the Colorwash online, we reached out to thank her personally.  Here is her response: "I love the Colorwash Bag.  The size is perfect.  I love the zippered top.... a good metal zipper and outside pocket.  I'm sure it will get plenty of use . Marge C., LPA  


Josie was a customer at the Boston Abilities Expos in 2014 and 2015.  We did not attend this year.  Here's what she emailed us.

"Hi Carol.  We missed you at the Abilities Expo in Boston, this past September.  I had to buy a bag from a woman who said she knows you well. (Note - that would be one of our competitors - lovely woman).  Sorry to say the bag already broke.  I just ordered the Leopard bag off your site.  I hope I measured correctly.  I will let you know!"

Update from Josie on her bag:

"Hi Carol, I received my new bag and love, love, love it.  It fits perfect and I have received many compliments.  I just love your products, they are made to last.

I will treat myself to another for Christmas, missed you at the Expo...  Have a great holiday.........."

Josie - Massachusetts

Wow - made my day to get this update!  Carol Co-Owner  


One of our bag winners in 2015 contacted us and promised us a picture of her bag on her new chair.  Nearly a year later, we heard from Cora.

"Don’t forget I have traumatic brain injury. I forgot but here it is.  I really wanted to do what I said I would do.  I appreciate that gift and thank you again and may God continue to bless you, your family and business. It's a great bag and I'm grateful!  May God bless."  Bless you Cora from New Jersey.  We put her picture on Facebook!



"Dear Carol, thank you so much for letting me know I was drawn HDS Medallion Jeweled Ribbons Bag for Mobility Devicesfrom many others to receive one of your beautiful Medallion Bags. I have checked out your many pieces and decided on the Dramatic Premier Jeweled Bag. I think it would complement my chair perfectly. I have been very upset because I do not have a purse to use when I go out and I need to put everything in my pockets. This would eliminate that issue for me. I was not even aware that a product like yours was available. Once again thank you so much."   Camille of New Jersey





"Hello, my name is Rosemarie, and I would just like to share my thoughts on your bags. First of all I absolutely love them.  I purchased two of them at the Abilities Expo in Edison New Jersey last spring. I use an electric wheelchair with wide arms and the convenience of being able to strap them to the arms of my chair is very helpful.  Also I had a slight problem with one of the purses, but when I contacted your company, they allowed me to return it and it was replaced.  The service was great. Many people think that they are Vera Bradley bags. I would recommend these bags to anyone. I'm looking forward to purchasing more at the next Abilities Expo."

Rosemarie W. from New Jersey


This testimonial takes us back to the very reason we started HDS Medallion when our Mom had to use a walker and demanded a stylish bag.  This sounds like her experience! 

"I bought this for my aunt who lives in an assisted living facility. She's 88 and has always maintained her sense of fashion and her makeup and hair are perfection every single day. She's not thrilled about needing to use a walker, but this has made her feel better about it. This product is very well made. The quality is much higher than we expected and it pulled her walker up to a striking new level. It holds everything she needs when out and about. To balance out the look I found some low cut leopard socks to cover those ugly tennis balls in the back. They look like a ballerina on her toes. She's gotten rave reviews from many residents on the bag and people have even taken pictures. I would definitely say that if this look is yours or your loved one's look you won't regret buying this purse."

Joanne on Amazon  Demi Leopard HDS Medallion CarryAll Bag


We were contacted prior to Christmas by a woman who wanted assurances that the bag would work on her chair.  We assured her that it should and sent her links to our page, Will Our Bags Work On Your Device, for guidance on ordering and to How To Use Your HDS Medallion Bag for some instructions on attaching it. We also assured her that we would take the bag back if it did not. We followed up after Christmas to see how it worked.  Here's her response:

"Thank you for your responding. I have started using the bag and I'm still tweaking the placement of the bag on the arm rest so that I can still reach in there and get things. I'll let you know if anything else happens that's useful for y'all!  Right now everything is just fine thank you. I am keeping the bag!  It's beautiful and it does fit my chair."

Jessica - Texas 


Our customer service people received a phone call today from a woman who purchased a Premier Amethyst Grandeur Bag.  HBeautiful Amethyst Premier Bag at HDS Medallionere's what she said.                                

"Sharon said she wanted to call as she thinks the bag is very beautiful and they are extremely pleased with it.  She bought the bag for her bed-ridden sister who is in a rehabilitation facility.  She said that she chose this bag because of the adjustable straps.  They attached the bag to the bed railing and her sister is now able to reach her tablet, glasses and a few other things that people like us would take for granted just being able to reach over and grab.  She would like to thank us for what we are doing and thinks we are doing a great job.  She also had a suggestion to add that the bags can be attached to things like hospital bed rails, so bed-ridden people may get some benefit from the advertising and not think it’ll only work for people in wheelchairs."

Sharon - Pennsylvania

Made us feel great and we'll take the suggestion to heart and mention it on the website and social media.


Like all businesses, we occasionally experience glitches.  Well, there was a doozy right near Christmas 2015.  Several Amazon customers paid for 2 Day Delivery ($27.99) to get bags to them by Christmas.  We use a 3rd party system to electronically transfer these orders to our fulfillment operation.  Normally it is flawless.  But we wanted to be sure given the holiday so we checked and to our dismay, the orders came through with standard shipping, not 2nd day, indicated.  And our efficient shippers had already mailed the bags with standard shipping.   Oops......they might not make it by Christmas. 

So we called every person to offer to send them a 2nd bag in time for Christmas if they would send back the earlier bag upon receipt.  We also refunded the entire shipping amount.  Amazingly, every person was gracious and most were absolutely astounded that we cared enough to call.  All but one of the people were close enough they were willing to risk the regular mail.  Not surprisingly, a woman in Washington (State) took our offer for a second bag.  We sent the 2nd bag immediately.  We also sent each customer a pashmina scarf that complemented the bags they ordered as a token of our apology. 

This is the message we received after Christmas from the lady in Washington:

"Hi there Carol. I returned the 2nd (well, first sent) via USPS today. Thank you again for all the care and special accommodation you made so I would have a gift by Christmas. It made all the difference during my Christmas visit with mom. Thank you!!! I'll be leaving plenty of goodness on the Amazon review and ordering again - thank you so very much. Happy New Year!"

Heather - Washington


"Thank you HDS Medallion for sponsoring me with one of your adorable bags!  My Mom bSkylar Conover Endorses HDS Medallion Bags For Wheelchairsought another bag for me too!  If you are a wheelchair user and are looking for cute bags to hang on your chair to carry your stuff, this is a wonderful company.  They make great quality bags. Go check them out!"

Skylar Conover from Houston - Miss Wheelchair USA - 2015 with Premier Silver & Onyx Damask Bag


When we saw a post from a blogger recently on twitter, we thought we recognized her and reached out to ask her permission to list her as a blogger on our Resources For You Page.  Here is her response. 

"Your words made me cry happy tears because you have the right lady, I cannot believe you remember me. It would be my honor for you to list my blog! You know, I'm still using my bag and I love it; reaching out to me has made me extremely happy. Thank you sincerely for that."  

Lindsey - Houston, TX

How could we forget her when she pulled into our booth in Houston in 2012 with a carpenter's belt stapled onto the arm of her chair to carry her stuff? Not surprisingly, her husband had figured out that option!  She purchased a Zebra bag to replace it and we had the privilege of tearing off the belt.  

Carpenter Belt Replaced by HDS Medallion BagLindsey from Houston Show 2012 - Zebra HDS Medallion Bag 


"I got the package last week and I absolutely love my bag! I love the texture of the bag and quality of the straps. I am really glad that I chose the bag with a zipper [Premier Silver Reptile].  I also really like the fact that I just remove one strap from my wheelchair handle and swing the whole bag around onto the wheelchair when I am getting into my car. That part had me worried that the strap wouldn’t be solid enough as I can get in and out multiple times per day when I am working or doing errands so I needed something solid to hold up to the wear and tear.

Thanks again Carol and I will go on Facebook and comment also. Nice meeting you in Boston and looking forward to seeing you again at another Abilities Expo."

Sherry - Quebec, Canada


At every expo and conference attended in 2015, we get all kinds of positive feedback from customers verbally.  Plus our bag winners are so excited to get their first or second HDS Medallion CarryAll Bag.  Here are some of the comments:

> "The quality is great.  Mine is two years old and it's still holding up!" 
> "I love my bag.  They're expensive, but worth it."
> "I'm here to get a second bag.  I want more looks for my chair."
> "I'm getting a new chair, so I want a new bag to match it."
> "I accidentally caught the bag on a door jam because I stuffed it too full and ripped the D-rings out of the bag in two places.  I want another bag and this time I'll be more careful. The additional discount  for repeat customers at the show(s) was helpful." 
> "My daughter has a Princess Damask bag on her scooter and loves it.  But she wants another bag for her walker too.  If you had a bag for boys, we'd buy that too!"
> "I got so many compliments on my bag (Zebra Daisy Dot Pink) in the last two days (at the LPA National Conference) that I have decided to buy another bag (Demi - Imperial Indigo). 
> "After seeing the Demi-Leopard bag, we sat down and discussed whether to buy it or not.  We both agreed it was more important than going to an event, so we're spending our budgeted money on the bag."

    Thanks everyone for the great compliments.  Very affirming for us and terrific to see the smiles!


    "Please accept my apologies for not having written to you earlier.  But, I won the drawing for one of your bags at the 2014 Little People of America Conference in San Diego last July.  I chose a Metro bag online, and I absolutely love it!

    It holds just enough for me....even some 8 1/2 x 11 folders that I need to carry back and forth for work.  I also like the pocket on the outside....I'm assuming that pocket is for a cell phone, but I keep my transit card in it and I keep my cell phone inside the bag zipped up for safe traveling because I commute into San Francisco daily. I also like the adjustable straps and the fact that they are wide enough not to "cut into" my shoulders like my previous bag did.

    Again, I am so sorry I haven't written to you before now.  

    Please know that I love your bag and I have shared your website with many folks.....

    Thank you again.

    Annis A. - San Francisco, CA


    "I love the bag! I purchased it for my 92 year old mom who is in an assisted living facility and using a walker. It is perfect for her! It's large enough to carry all her belongings, not to mention very pretty! I was really impressed with how quickly you processed my order. I am more than satisfied. Thanks for your assistance."

    Ann Marie

    Note:  Ann Marie bought as Espresso Combo Demi-Premier Bag last week and forgot to put in the coupon code.  She contacted us and we quickly processed a refund of the 15% much to her delight.


    Sarah is a college student who won an HDS MEDALLION Bag over 2 years ago at the San Jose Expo to use on her Segway (her mobility device).  We've featured her in our blogs and have a lively Facebook relationship with her.  On Feb. 5th she posted the following to her FB page:

    "Your bag just saved me a great deal of hardship!  My Segway just died and I had to gather what I needed from my Segway compartment bags to take back to Berkeley as I needed to drop off my Segway with my parents. Your bag that I use on my Segway was just what I needed! Thank you thank you thank you!" 

    Sarah has a new wheelchair and her bag can transition over to it for continued use.  Thanks Sarah and good luck with the new chair.

    Sarah - Berkeley


    Sharon is an active, always on the go individual who rarely sits still and likes to get the most out of each day. From gardening to walking her beloved dog, Griffin, to playing golf -- she looks forward to getting back into the swing of things with her new hip. But she has to use a walker for a while.  Her sister made sure she had a great HDS MEDALLION® Designer CarryAll Bag to use as long as she needed it.  Here’s Sharon’s take on her bag.

    “Who would have thought that at age 54 I would be getting a new hip? The idea of using a walker was quite daunting, and I was so worried it would be totally awkward and frustrating.  I can't say enough about how organized and independent I felt once I started using my HDS MEDALLION® Carry All Bag. I was given the bag as a gift and started to use it immediately. Not only was I feeling stylish, but it had plenty of room to carry my cell phone, Ipad, notepad, H20 bottle and a few personal things.  The ease with which you can remove it and take with you anywhere is an added bonus.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I will continue to use it even after my recovery.”

    Sharon A. - Orange County, CA


    "I just wanted to let you know that I received my Silver & Onyx Damask bag the other day.  I love, love, love it!  I am using it on my scooter to girly it up a bit!  I was diagnosed with ALS in October 2012 and my symptoms have progressed to where I now use a scooter.  Eventually, I'll be in a wheelchair and I'm happy to see that the bag will adapt to that use as well!  Thank you for truly bringing form and function together with your tasteful, fun bags!

    Sharon B - Wisconsin


    "I've always been the kind of person who expresses herself in all parts of her life.  I'm always aware of what I'm wearing.  Having been disabled since 10 years old, I've understood what society expects me to look and act like.  Since those expectations were negative, I've always striven to disprove them.  When I went to my first Abilities Expo in 2012, I was thrilled to see HDS Medallion!  I had been using a Segway as my mobility device for a few months, but I wanted a bag that was feminine and fierce.  Until going to their booth, I had not found ANY that fit my personal style.  Unfortunately, as a student, I could not buy one at the time.  However, I did put my name in the drawing thinking it was worth a shot.  I won the drawing!  I've loved going everywhere with the bag [premier black damask] on my Segway!  I even describe the pattern as expressing my essence - elegant and mysterious."

    Sarah F - California

    Note:  Sarah is in the process of obtaining a manual wheelchair and is thrilled that her bag can be adapted to fit that device!


    When we noticed that a customer had bought another bag, we checked the orders under her name.  She just bought the Demi-Premier Leopard and Matching Rosette and that is the 5th bag she has bought in 9 months or so.  So we contacted her to ask for her feedback and even for an interview.  Her interview will be in our newsletter in the 3rd quarter, but she did write the following quick testimonial:

    "Hi Carol.  I just love your bags.  No one else makes a stylish bag that works for those of us in a wheelchair.  Shoes and purses were always my 'thing'."

    L. - Maryland 


    "My mother-in-law loves her HDS Medallion bag.  She sports it on her walker and its bright, rich blues remind her that Spring is 'just around the corner'.  She gets many compliments on its style and practicality.  And, as a true New Englander, those are essential ingredients to 'Mindful Elegance'.  Carol, you have turned a trusted accessory into another sympbol of ladylike nobility.  Thank you for making such a lovely expression of dignity!"

      B. - Connecticut


        On Facebook we posted "I can be changed by what happens to me.  But I refuse to be reduced by it!" which is a quote from Maya.  One of our regulars, Fran, wrote the following: "Right on!! That is what I have been preaching to others (and myself) for years now. HDS MEDALLION has helped so many show the world we still have self esteem, even without the use of all of our facilities.  Thank you HDS for the lesson of the century." 

        Thanks to you Fran and all others who have shared their bag experiences and emotions with us.  We think you all are beautiful!


        Sharon, our designer, and I were working in our booth at The Houston Abilities Expo when a woman in a power chair and her husband pulled into our booth.  "Hi - I'm here to buy another bag", she said. Well, we liked that and then she told her story and showed us her bag from the 2012 Houston Expo.  On the back of her chair was our most expensive bag - the Premier Silver & Onyx Damask.  It was absolutely stuffed.  She explained she had 3 year old twin boys who contributed toys, etc to her bag. Her husband was a diary farmer and she might have something of his in there and she also had her wallet along with other personal stuff (e.g. a catheter).  We were shocked it could hold that much.  But she said, "look at it hard",  we looked and looked but couldn't find anything wrong and that was exactly her point!  Her bag with its Swarkovski crystal buckle and pockets looked brand new. 

        She told us that if we looked at the interior pockets, we would find little to no wear.  The only "problem" was the HDS MEDALLION medallion had come loose, so she sewed it back on.  But that was it.  She told us that she had tried designer bags like Coach and others, but none of them had held up to her hard use more than 6 months.  But our fancy bag had and it was half the price of those bags on sale.  So she was here to buy another bag and keep this beautiful bag for dressy.  She loved the idea of a larger, zippered one like our new Metros, so that is what she bought.  We knew our bags had quality materials and manufacturing, but this was amazingly positive feedback.

        Claudia S - Louisiana


        When we saw that a woman had ordered three bags within a 10 day time period, we wanted to thank her and also find out what was behind the three orders.  So with the lovely woman's permission, here is her answer:

        "I have been looking for a bag for my power chair for so long. No one makes a bag with the handles crossing over the bag so that it can hang from the arm of the chair. I'm not sure how, but I happened on to your website. I couldn't wait to get my first one. I loved it!!! But it was a little dressy for everyday, so I ordered another one. I wished that the bags had a zipper as when I lift the arm of my chair some of my stuff falls out. Well, then I discovered your Metro line, so I had to order one of those! I'm a little worried that it is going to be too long and rub on the tire of my chair. But we will see. It's supposed to be here on Saturday!!

        I really appreciate your line of bags. They are adorable, well made, and they work for me! Finally, someone listened to our needs.

        Thank you so very much!"

        L. - Maryland

        Just A Note:  the Metro bag is the same height as the Premier bag so it works exactly the same.  So now she has an every day bag, a dressy bag and a bag for when she is out!  Thanks so much Victoria!


        A lovely woman, Malisa, received one of our bags (Espresso Combo) recently.  She loved it so much she ordered a 2nd one, The Daisy Premier.  To our utter dismay, the straps were missing and to make matters worse, her email asking for the straps got lost in an email system changeover.  Our job became to get her the straps asap (express overnight) along with a partial refund or credit.  When she responded, here is what she said.  "I really love your products and I am incredibly relieved and grateful to find out what a responsive company you are in the end." 

        She then went on to send us pictures of her use of the bag on her stretcher, a result of her mitochondrial disease.  She also shared her journey to the premier of "The Magic Bracelet" produced by the Make A Film Foundation, a wonderful group that gives children with life threatening illnesses the chance to tell a story.  We encourage you to read about Malisa on her webpage: