HDS Medallion Walker Bags Are Stylish and Functional on RollatorsWalkers are great medical devices that have made life much easier for people who have difficulty walking. Unfortunately, medical walkers don’t feature much in terms of style or purse functionality. People who use walkers do much more than shuffle around nursing homes as stereotypes too often portray. With the freedom of mobility, seniors and people with disabilities are using walkers to go shopping, enjoy strolls in parks, and basically do everything they once did. The only problem is that not many walkers are designed to handle more active and hip seniors. That’s why we designed the HDS MEDALLION® walker bags.

During our research and field studies when designing our walker bags, we found that many seniors and persons with disabilities, primarily women, felt that walkers and medical mobility aides lacked convenient carryall bags that combine both fashion and function. It’s almost impossible to manage a traditional handbag or purse when using a walker since it can't hang on the walker in a safe manner. Bags that do work on walkers or come with walkers look too much like something that belongs in the geriatric ward of the hospital or on a backpack. Our Mom described them as truly ugly, medicinal and old. 

Our solution was to manufacture smart and savvy walker bag accessories that allow women to use fashionable, handy carryall bags that are practical and also showcase their strong sense of style.  They are designed specifically to work on walkers so they are fabulously functional!HDS Medallion Classic Bright Blue Paisley Bag

With our walker accessory bags, we wanted to give women the chance to maintain a unique fashion sense while still having a practical bag that could hold all their important medical records, medications and personal belongings. The HDS MEDALLION walker bags represent advancement for women who use walkers and other medical mobility devices. 

No longer stuck with drab pouches that have the look and feel of a hospital or the struggle of trying to handle a traditional handbag or purse, women now can have a fashionable carryall bag that easily attaches to most walkers and transport wheelchairs. An example is this Classic Bright Blue Paisley Bag.  

HDS MEDALLION walker bags give a woman the opportunity to showcase her unique style so she doesn’t feel restricted or defined by use of a walker or wheelchair. With a vibrant and fashionable bag as an accessory, women undergoing rehabilitation or who have to use a walker or wheelchair on an ongoing basis can maintain their individual styles and have practical bags that will make life with a walker or transport wheelchair easier and more fun.