All Kinds of Women & Girls Use HDS Medallion Mobility Device Bags

Using a walker or power chair is great for getting around when you are recovering from a fall or surgery or having a physical condition that diminishes walking capabilities, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of style or practicality, such as carrying your belongings.

Women who have to use a walker or other medical mobility device often encounter two problems: first, mobility devices generally are not designed to carry a traditional purse or handbag. Second, many women find the utilitarian and clinical design of the device an affront to their personal sense of style and fashion. To make matters worse, most bags are not particularly attractive and many are just pouches.  At HDS Medallion we designed and tested our walker carryall bags to solve both of these issues by providing women with a walker accessory (e.g. purse) that not only looks great, but also keeps personal belongings in a convenient place on a mobility device such as a walker, but also works on a thin-armed power chair, transport wheelchair or medical scooter.

Before, if a woman wanted to carry her traditional purse when using a walker, her first problem was to figure out a way to hang it on the device, which is unlikely. The straps preclude effective attachment.  If she solved that problem, then it became dangerous to reach into the purse since it required taking both hands off the walker and trying to balance herself while digging in a handbag for keys, a cell phone or medications. With the HDS Medallion Designer Classic Carryall bags, that problem is solved with the convenient way the bags strap onto walkers so women who use these devices can continue to hold on while reaching into the carryall bag. Our test ladies proved the bags’ viability over two years using their bags daily.

With this combination of fashion and function, women who use mobility devices can demonstrate their personal sense of style. We offer a wide selection of unique designs that feature attractive quality fabrics and trims, feminine and functional designs and practical components. Women and girls who use walkers and power chairs can now have a stylish accessory that functions on their devices. An extra plus is that each bag is made right here in the U.S.A.

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