Seniors with HDS Medallion Walker Bags

types of walkers are available to people with limited mobility. Most of HDS Medallion’s stylish and functional bags work well with walkers. The one you choose will depend on the specific type of walker you have and its design. 

Standard four-legged or framed walkers have bars that work with HDS Medallion bags. Some framed walkers have wheels, while others do not. Most have hinges and fold down when not in use. Do not put the bag on the hinged portion of the bar to avoid damaging it. Just slide it to one side away from the hinge before folding the walker.  

Classic bag needs an eight inch bar (from the outer edge of one strap to the outer edge of the other) to hang correctly on the walker They can work on any walker with a front or side bar at least eight inches long. Place the straps over the solid center bar or a side bar. There should be plenty of space in the center for the bag. The Classic bag is 15 inches wide and 12 inches high and has a 4.25-inch strap drop.  

Premier walker bag from HDS MedallionOur Premier bags have the same dimensions as Classics in terms of the size of the bags. They can also work on walkers, but they have longer straps and hang lower due to the strap snap hooks. The straps can be hooked front to back in each set of front D-rings, but they will hang two inches lower. The strap drop is 6.25 to 10.25 inches due to the adjustable strap This can be important if someone is using a very tall walker.  

Our Demi-Premier bags also work well. They are smaller (13 inches wide and 10 inches high) and can easily avoid hinges. This makes them compatible with more devices. They have the same type of strap system as the Premier, but have shorter straps with a strap drop of 4.25” to 6.50”. 

We would not recommend using a Metro bag with a walker because of the larger 17-inch width, except for a larger walker or a rollator with no hinges that can handle the width. 

If the walker has a tray, a bag can be hung from the bar under the tray, as long as it will be accessible. Some people alternate between a tray and a bag depending on their needs.  

Front-wheeled walkers have the same basic bars as standard walkers and work well with our bags. Our walker bags also work well with four-wheel Rollators with a solid bar or strap. Many women use our bags to carry items they do not want visible in the Rollator basket such as personal hygiene items.  While many women are tempted to put a regular handbag in the basket, we recommend reconsidering that approach.  To get the bag out, to open it and get at contents usually means that both hands are off of the walker which can be conducive to unsteadiness and potentially lead to a fall.  With an HDS Medallion walker tote bag, one hand can stay on the walker at all times. 

At a recent Abilities Expo, we saw some unusual walkers that wrapped around the user’s back to provide additional support. Our bags work with these because there are plenty of bars from which to hang them.

Premier and Classic HDS Medallion Bags On Walkers - A Wide Range of Styles  

If a walker is the user’s primary mobility device, a Classic bag works well with its Velcro attachment system. If the person uses multiple devices, we recommend our Premier bag that can be transformed to work on all devices and can also be used as a handbag or shoulder bag. If the user prefers a smaller bag, our Demi-Premier works great on walkers.  

Our bags’ functionality is directly related to the walker’s size and height relative to the person using it. In a hinged frame walker, you have to be sure the bag’s straps do not overlap the hinged area, especially if you want to use a larger Metro bag. The other issue with larger bags is the potential for carrying too much weight, which can tilt a frame walker and lead to a fall. A Rollator walker does not have hinges and is better anchored, so our Metro and Premier bags work well, although our Demi-Premier and Classic bags are the most popular. 

Unfortunately, our bags are not compatible with all walkers. They do not work with three-wheel Rollators, Spartan four-wheel Rollators, Hemi walkers, some knee walkers (unless they have an 8-inch clear bar from which to hang the bag), and Rollator transport chairs. Our bags are perfect for most other transport chairs.  

Take a look at the Classic, Premier and Demi-Premier Collections to find a bag that works great on your or your loved one’s walker.  She’ll love the fabulous functionality and the compliments the bag generates. Fashion - Function - Flair!