Who Needs An HDS MEDALLION® Bag?

HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll Bags are made for people who use a mobility device or need highly adjustable bags.  There are at least three types of such people who value our bags:

  1. People who use a walker, scooter, wheelchair (manual, electric or transport), power chair, adult/teenage strollers, segways, etc. due to medical/physical circumstances (see below) and who need to carry personal items. At the same time, they want to look stylish and display their individuality, especially women.
  2. Little People who struggle to find shoulder or handbags sufficient to hold enough stuff, but with short enough straps to keep the bag from hanging too low when they carry them. 
  3. People who use golf carts (electric & push), go cars (i.e. golf carts used as road transportation in some communities), personal carts and baby strollers.

Don't You Need An HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bag?

Not sure?  Read on.

    Women & Girls

    HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll Bags were first made for women and girls in a variety of medical circumstances that compel them to use a mobility device.  We have customers from 5 year old girls to women in their 90's with all kinds of appearances; from little people to average height, from small to larger sizes; all races and ethnic groups are represented, military and non-military. 

    HDS Medallion Bags Appeal to A Wide Range of Females

    Our bags have become increasingly popular with Little People; even those who LPA Friends Enjoy HDS Medallion Zebra Bags On Their Mobility Scootersdo not use a mobility device.  OLittle Person Enjoys HDS Medallion Demi Pink Paisley as Cross Body Bagur innovative fastening system has highly adjustable straps which provides far greater flexibility in bag handle drop length allowing them to use our bags as shoulder bags that are proportional to their bodies.  And for those with mobility devices, primarily scooters, the bags are very visible at the national conference.


    In 2015, we experimented and found that our bags work really well on electric golf carts and on manual golf push carts. Their versatility allows them to go from carried purse, to golf cart bag, and back to purse, so one bag accomplishes a lot. 

    Carrying an HDS Medallion Bag - Espresso Flower Shower    HDS Medallion Espresso Flower Shower on a Golf Cart        

    Medical Circumstances

        - Accidents that cause paralysis or significant injuries affecting the ability to walk
        - Falls, especially when a hip is broken
        - War injuries
        - Rehabilitation for those needing stability in physical therapy
        - Conditions or injuries such as broken or sprained limbs, head injuries, vertigo,        
           spinal injuries, etc.
        - Birth defects
        - Muscular diseases, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, ALS, and a wide range of
          debilitating conditions
        - General deterioration of the legs or instability due to aging or medical conditions

        For more detailed descriptions about which devices are compatible with our bags and a few they do not work on, go to Will Our Bags Work On Your Device?. Or visit our shop tto see which bag appeals to your taste and style.

        Meet Sharon and "listen" to her story and experience with an HDS Medallion CarryAll Bag.

        Sharon is an active, always on the go individual who rarely sits still and likes to get the most out of each day. From gardening HDS Medallion Is Great For Walkers At Rehabto walking her beloved dog, Griffin, to playing golf -- she looked forward to getting back into the swing of things with her new hip. But she had to use a walker for a while.  Her sister made sure she had a great HDS Medallion® Designer CarryAll Bag from the Classic Collection to use as long as she needed it.  Here’s Sharon’s take on her bag.

        “Who would have thought that at age 54 I would be getting a new hip? The idea of using a walker was quite daunting, and I was so worried it would be totally awkward and frustrating.  I can't say enough about how organized and independent I felt once I started using my HDS Medallion® Classic Carry All Bag. I was given the bag as a gift and started to use it immediately. Not only was I feeling stylish, but it had plenty of room to carry my cell phone, Ipad, notepad, H20 bottle and a few personal things.  The ease with which you can remove it and take with you anywhere is an added bonus.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I will continue to use it even after my recovery.”


        Update:  Sharon recently had to undergo another hip operation to fix a problem.  Her sister who bought her the bag reports that she was grateful she had kept her bag and was using it again with her walker.