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  • Will it work?
    HDS MEDALLION® Bags work on a wide range of mobility aid devices as a functional, fashionable accessory. There are four types of wheelchair bags and walker bags available: the Classic Collection, the Premier Collection, the Demi-Premier and Metro Collections. Between them, there is an HDS Medallion bag for almost every mobility device.

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    An extensive range of walkers is available to people needing walking assistance. In brief, our Classic Bags are best for anyone who wants a stylish, functional walker bag. They will work with any walker having a front or side bar that is at least 8 inches long. Premier Bags can work on walkers also, but they hang lower due to longer straps. Our Demi-Premier also works well on walkers. We would not recommend our Metro bags due to their larger width.

    Here are the basic walker types and how they work with our bags.

    Standard Four Legged Walkers or Framed Walkers – these are traditional walkers with bars sufficient for HDS MEDALLION® Bags. Some framed walkers have front wheels. Others do not. Most of these walkers fold and have hinges. The walker bag should not be placed on the hinged portion of the bar to avoid damage to the bag. The distance that incorporates the Classic Bag’s straps measures 8 inches from the outer edge of one strap to the outer edge of the other. The straps should be placed over the solid center bar or a side bar if desired. There is usually more than enough space in the center for this bag. The Classic Bag is 15" x 12" (h x w) and the strap drop is 4.25 inches.

    A Premier Bag with the same bag dimensions will also work on these walkers with straps hooked front to back in each set of center D-Rings but hang about 2 inches lower. The strap drop is 6.25" to 10.25" from the shortest adjustment to the longest. The Demi-Premier bags with their smaller size (13"w x 10" h) have no difficulty in avoiding hinges. This expands the types of bags that can work on your device. We do not recommend the Metros for walkers unless for a large walker which can handle the width (17 inches) without overlapping the hinges.

    If a walker has a tray on it, a bag can be used on the bar beneath the tray if desired. However, it is only useful if the bag is truly accessible. Some people alternate between the tray and a bag depending on what tasks they are performing or where they are going.

    Front Wheeled Walkers – have the same basic bars as standard walkers so our bags work well on them.

    Rollators - our walker bags work best with four wheel rollators that have a solid bar available for the bags.

    Even though many rollators have baskets or built-in bags, many women use an HDS Medallion® bag to carry personal items they do not wish to have visible in the basket (e.g. wallets, keys, personal hygiene items) – plus, it makes them feel pretty and special!

    Specialized Walkers - at the recent Abilities Expo we saw some unusual walkers that wrapped around a person's back to provide additional support. Our bags would work fine with these as there are lots of bars on which to hang them.

    Which Bag Works Best On Walkers:if a walker is the main mobility device used, then a Classic Bag works great with its velcro attachment system. It is neat and hangs beautifully. However, if the person uses multiple devices, we recommend our Premier Bag which can be transformed to work on almost all devices and also to become a shoulder bag or handbag. If the user wants a smaller bag, our Demi-Premier is great on walkers.

    Devices That Don't Work With Our Bags:here are some examples of walkers on which our bags will NOT work:

    X - 3 Wheel Rollators – most brands do not have an 8 inch bar, so only a Premier bag would work on this device where the straps can be criss-crossed.

    X - Spartan 4 Wheel Rollators

    X - Hemi Walkers – they have no bar

    X - Knee Walkers – varies a lot depending on design. The key is to see if the knee walker has an 8 inch clear bar on which to hang the bag.

    X - Rollator Transport Chairs – often have no bar. However our bags are perfect for most other transport chairs.
    Power Chairs & Scooters
    Scooters and power chairs come in all sizes and forms. The best way to determine if an HDS Medallion® Power Chair Bag or Scooter Bag will work is to use these criteria:

    - If it has a solid bar that is at least 8 inches in length, the Classic bag should work. Many of our customers who use scooters place the bags straps around the bar or solid bar loop at the front of the scooter for easy access.

    - If the device does not have a bar, but has armrests, the Classic Bag or Demi-Premier will work if the bag’s straps will fit around the armrest leaving enough room to access the bag.

    - The Classic Bag’s straps are 11 inches long and need at least 2 inches to attach to the hook and loop closure by which it hangs. The strap drop is 4.25 inches. If the armrest is 2 or less inches across and isn't very thick, it should be fine. The Demi-Premier's straps can be lengthened for some thicker arms.

    - If the arm rest is 3+ inches wide or very thick (e.g. the Jazzy Select Traveller Chair), you will need the Premier Bag with its adjustable straps (from 11 to 22 inches long with a strap drop of 6.50 to 10.25 inches). Hint: if the chair is thin armed, but busy underneath the arm with wires, etc., move the slide on each strap into the middle. Hook one end of the strap to the back of the bag and wrap it around the bar set once or twice and hook it to the parallel front D ring. If it is too long, then adjust the slide and try again.

    - Make sure the power chair bag does not interfere with any mechanisms or wheels of the chair or scooter. Hint: if a Premier bag hangs too low, shorten the straps using the slides. If it is still too low, then take one strap off, lengthen it enough to wrap it around the armrest twice and then re-attach it. Repeat for the next strap. Adjust to the shortest height using the slides. The bag should be hanging closer to the armrest and away from the wheels. The other option is to use a Demi-Premier Bag which has adjustable straps as well but in its shortest position hangs higher than Premier Bags.

    - Be careful to check the length of the arms. Some devices' arms are not long enough to handle the 8" needed for our Classic Bag straps. A Premier Bag can be used on these devices because you can lengthen the straps and criss-cross the straps over a shorter arm. Hint: put the slide in the position to make the straps as short as possible then attach each strap on the bag's back D-Rings. Place the bag on the chair and then criss-crossing the straps as you go, attach each strap to the opposite front D-Ring. Adjust length if necessary. Make sure that the person can reach inside the bag.

    - Some power chairs are too wide to hang the bag off the side since it will be scraped or torn off in doorframes. If the power chair has a back bar, it can usually be used to hang either a Metro, Classic or Premier bag. Some women have also hung the bags around their headrests and down the back.

    - One gentleman purchased a Demi-Premier for his wife and after some maneuvering with the straps hung the bag just at the edge of her seat. She could bend over and get anything she wanted out of it. He used the tubes on the sides of her seat and one underneath to anchor the straps. Since then, we have placed several bags underneath the front of a chair when that allows the person to access a bag more easily.

    - If the power chair is very large, consider the Metro Bags which are 2 inches wider. They have detachable, adjustable straps just like the Premier bags so they can be configured to work on very thick armed power chairs or larger scooters. They also have zippers.

    Power Chairs or Scooters That Do Not Work With Our Bags: We do not know of any by name at this stage since the introduction of our Premier bags due to their adaptability. However, if the user requires arm trays or there are no bars below the armrest, it may be difficult to use the bag anywhere except on the back of the chair.
    Manual wheelchairs generally require our Premier, Demi-Premier or Metro Wheelchair Bags due to the many variations in the chairs to which our bags can be configured and used. If there is a bar on the back of the wheelchair, then a Classic Bag or Demi-Premier Bag (especially if it is a small wheelchair) can be hung there and voila, you are good to go. However, most wheelchairs don't have a bar in the back and sometimes the person in the chair cannot physically reach the back bar to operate the velcro of the Classics or the snaphooks of our other bags.

    In that case, we recommend either adapting the Premier Bag or our Demi-Premier (if it is a small chair) to hang on the back handles on each side of the seatback or using one long strap over the back of the chair (see Colours Chair write-up below). Back handles: move the straps to the shortest length using the slides. Hook one end of a strap to an end D-ring (far left or far right inside the bag's opening). Wrap it once or twice around the handle bar and hook the other end to the same D-ring. Repeat with the other strap and use the D-Ring on the other end of the bag for the 2nd strap. Check to be sure you can get it on or off of the handles if you are seated in the chair and want to retrieve the bag yourself.

    DO NOT HANG YOU WHEELCHAIR BAG ON THE SIDE OF THE CHAIR OVER THE LARGE WHEELS of a manual chair. It will get entangled in the wheels and damage the bag and perhaps create a problem for the chair.

    Our customers continue to teach us different ways to use our wheelchair bags. Recently a young woman in a very short, small wheelchair wanted her bag to hang right behind her knees so she could bend over. Under her direction, we lifted her cushion and clipped the extended straps of a Demi-Premier bag on the supporting tubes of her chair. The bag worked beautifully.

    Electric Wheelchairs: see the power chair write-up above or follow instructions for wheelchairs above.

    Transport Wheelchairs: with their smaller wheels, travel chairs (transport wheelchairs) are usually quite suitable for our Classic or Premier or Demi-Premier Bags if they have a solid sidebar or long enough arm rest. Just check the length of the arm rest to be sure it is at least 8 inches long and the width to be sure it is not too thick for a Classic Bag. The Premier Bag works fine on either the side or the handlebars (see manual wheelchair write-up above).

    Colours and Ti Wheelchairs: these unique chairs with their colorful chairs, decorative spokes, and short backs may or may not work with our Premier Bags. If the person using the chair can turn enough to put the bag on and off of the bar in the back, our Classic and Demi-Premier wheelchair bags work fine on it. If the user is unable to twist in the chair, then we recommend using only one strap or two connected straps. Move the slide to make a strap as long as possible. Attach each end of the strap to a D-Ring at the sides of the bag. Then slip the strap over the back of the chair down to the seat. To remove, just grab the strap, lean forward and lift it off of the chair.

    If the chair's back is too wide for one strap, attach a 2nd strap to the first one (hook to hook) and adjust the slides until the combined straps work fine over the back of the chair. We strongly recommend having one of the straps extended to its longest position and the 2nd strap as short as possible. DO NOT USE IF THE METAL SNAP HOOKS ARE INSIDE THE CHAIRBACK WHERE YOUR BACK WILL LEAN AGAINST THEM.
    Cane - Chair
    Cane-chairs: these devices are somewhat unusual aids we discovered through a friend. Her cane chair has a small seat and a handle with a bar near the seat. She uses it when she will be walking/standing for long periods of time due to shopping, trips, sightseeing, visiting museums, etc. But she struggled carrying her purse as well. An HDS Medallion Classic Bag works just great on this device. She now owns two bags now to have a change of colors for her outfits!
    Personal Shopping Carts and Strollers
    You just need a solid bar to use an HDS Medallion Bag on a personal shopping cart or a stroller (baby, kid, adult). Personal carts are very popular in large cities for people without cars to carry groceries or other purchases. It is also a cart used by those needing help carrying packages and items in any location. Although the Classic Bag works just fine on the device, the versatile Premier, Demi-Premier and Metro Bag all have the ability to transform into a shoulder bag or handbag you can carry away from the device. That's really handy! This is particular helpful for Moms with strollers! So check out various bags in our catalog.
A Satisfied Non-Customer

"Thanks so much for the discussion on what devices are most suitable for your bags. I wanted to purchase one, but checked the device page first. Sure enough, Mom's 3 wheel rollator would not work well and I would have had to return the bag. You saved me the money and hassle. Even though you did not make a sale, I will tell others about your bags and encourage them to look at your site. Thanks!"

Don’t forget that these bags make wonderful presents for any woman or teenager using a mobility device. There are only limited quantities available, so buy now!.